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Chris Matula English Period 9
Like a human that is reincarnated into a dog, Caliban shows his greatness and his failures. Caliban, a dog who is located in Alberta, Canada, is presented by how he is a great and caring dog, but is horrid and disobedient dog. Written by Emma-Lindsay Squier, and told by an undefined source, we are told about a dog named Caliban who does a simple job: herding sheep. In this story, Caliban makes right and wrong choices. Caliban in “The Soul Of Caliban” shall be viewed as nor good or evil as a result of his actions towards different static characters in the short story to make a central idea that people are similar to Caliban, misjudged.
In “The Soul Of Caliban”, Caliban was viewed as a great character. We see in the story how Squier says “Not only did Caliban become the little cat’s protector; he became her friend.” This shows that after Caliban was being belligerent towards the cat, he took care of it and became its caretaker. The cat was never scared after becoming friendly with Caliban, because she knew that he was a nice dog. Squier says at the end of the story “Stunned, incredulous, almost believing himself in a tortured dream, the man went slowly forward. The baby lay behind the door,


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