Choosing the brand appealing in order to make it

Choosing brand elements
to build brand equity

general there are six elements regarding criteria for choosing brand elements.

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necessary condition for developing brand equity is achieving a great level of
awareness in brand. Brand elements that promotes that strategies are attention
getting and inherently memorable facilitates recognition or recall in consumer


elements may take all kinds of meanings, with either persuasive or descriptive
content. Two particular important criteria are how well the brands elements
convey the general description about the function of the product or service and
specific content about the attributes and merits of the brand.


likeable set of brand elements offer many advantages because consumer do not
often examine much in making product decision. It is essential to make the
brand appealing in order to make it likeable enough so that burden may be
redeemed on marketing communication for the consumers.


measures the extent to which the brand elements adds to the brand equity. The
hurdles that even top marketers encounters is in translate brand slogans, name
and packages into different language. To avoid such kind of complication it is
essential to review their brand elements to culture meaning before launching in
the market.


fifth consideration for brand element is their adaptability over time. Due to
the changes in the consumer values and opinions it is important for the brands
to be contemporary, most brand elements must be updated. The more adaptable and
flexible the brand elements the better and easier it will be updated.


brand elements can be greatly managed if it is protected legally and
competitively. This would secure and bring confidence to update the brand
without worrying about any consequences of being leaked out for something not
under the policies.


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