China: “Ancient History Encyclopedia, he was known

China: Built On Dynasties             Once built a placewhere dynasties once ruled over China.

People, who would make China?s identityas a country. Throughout China?s history, there were many different dynastiesthat played an beneficial part in advancing China. Dynasties, the startingpoint for which China would soon be deemed as one of the most well knowncountries in the world. Many of China?s dynasties were beneficial to China butone of the most beneficial dynasties was the Han Dynasty.            The Han Dynastyarguably one of the most well known and powerful dynasties in Chinese Historyand here is how they began. In the year of 206 B.C., the Han Dynasty came topower in China.

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The Han Dynasty had to do many things in order to come to powerfor example they had to overcome the Qin dynast which was the dynasty that cameinto power in China before them.Liu Bang, the person who started it all and wasthe first leader of the Han Dynasty. Liu Bang one of the many peopleresponsible for the overthrow of the Qin dynasty, played a very crucial partinto making the Han dynasty the leading power in China.

According to the”Ancient History Encyclopedia”, “Liu Bang was the first Chinese Emperor who wasoriginally a commoner” and also according to “Ancient History Encyclopedia, hewas known as the “Ghazou Emperor” before that. Soon after the Han dynastyestablished their presence, they settled in the city of Chang?am whichaccording the “Ancient History Encyclopedia” was known as the “imperial captial”.The city of Chang?am from that point foward became a very crucial city becauseaccording to the “Ancient History Encyclopedia”, “the city turned into apolitical, economic, military, and cultural centre of China.

” It was soon laterthat Liu Bang had passed away which meant it was time for a new leader to leadthe Han dynasty in that era of China. The Han Dynasty had encountered manystuggles because there were many people that tried to steal the throne from theHan Dynasty after the passing of Liu Bang which put the Han dynasty in dangerof coming to an end. This person was known as Lü Hou and she was a verygreedy person and had killed almost all of Liu Bang’s kids so that there wouldbe no heirs to the throne and then she would be the one to take over the throneand thus a new dynasty would have started. Little did she know that there wasstill one son of Liu Bang who was still alive and his name was Emperor Wen andbecause he was one of the last sons that survived from the killings, he gainedheir to the throne and because he had found out what Lü Hou tried to do, heended up doing the same to her by killing all of the members of her family oras much as he could at the time, the Han dynasty would still live on. It wassoon later that the Han Dynasty would start to do things that were beneficialfor China and would help China become the Country they are today.            TheHan Dynasty did many different things that helped to make China the countrythey are today and here are a few of the many things that they did for China. TheHan Dynasty being one of the longest lasting dynasties in China, was able toaccomplish many things that were beneficial to China and would be crucial toChina’s society economically and politically.

The Han Dynasty did many thingsfor China for example according to “The Ancient History Encyclopedia” the Handynasty “would have lasting effects on all who followed, particularly in theareas of government, law, philosophy, history, and art” and these were some ofthe main things that China is known for today. Many of the inventions that theyHan dynasty had created helped to advance China economically because the thingsthat they created helped to . Some things that the Han dynasty created werethings like the “Silk road” and according to “The Ancient History Encyclopedia”,the silk road was known as “a network of trade routes” which helped to increasethe amount of trade that China did with other countries/ people at the time.  According to “The Ancient History Encyclopedia”the Silk road was mainly used to trade with the western cultures and this iswhere most trade occurred in China at the time because of how widely it wasused by those people, however it became known as the Silk road because one ofthe main things that was traded on the trade route was silk. One of the manymain things that the Han dynasty had created for China that benefited China ina huge way was the invention of paper, paper then became a main source for themto document all of their work, research and other things and now today in China,paper is vastly used today. The Han dynasty was also responsible for creatingmany different works of art, such as pottery and many more. Many other thingsthat the Han Dynasty had created was things such as tomb sculptures and theywere also known for advancing their technology be creating tools that was usedfor farming and many other things that helped to benefit China today because ofthe many uses of the things that they created.

They were also known vastly fortheir literature as the Han dynasty was one of the dynasties that literaturewas a big part in making that dynasty what it is known as today. However, theHan dynasty was known most for the agricultural aspect of advancing the Chinesesociety. Overall the Han Dynasty created many different things that helped tobenefit China for the better and helped them to advance their knowledge andtheir technology for the better to this very day.


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