Children real life example such as I have

Children would be needed to be communicated with simplify words and simple sentence with more pictures which they can understand. One example is being clear with the voice and use more images and real life example such as I have one apple and one more apple, how many apples are there? This would attract children and you would be able to communicate.
Teenager as well as customers are more media orientated so the way to communicate with them is through quizzes, surveys and media which is indirect because that is exactly where they are. The business would need to be active where the audience is active because the communication would be more effective. As well as this, teenagers like real life images – if some goods are being sold they like looking at it rather than what it is, what material, if it is trendy and stylish they are ready to get it. talks/lectures
Adults are more easier to communicate with because they like to use letters and emails, through schools and work emails have been popular it is a way that everyone communicates in one place. Emails allow different parents and adults to communicate with each other. Letters more professional because it shows adults what the plan.
This shows that for different people the business would need to adjust the communication style to fit the audience so one requirement is the way something is presented. As i said the younger people take things is small sections while older people can understand something while sitting in long talks. Another requirement is those who are disabled, for those who have issues with seeing, the business would need to put their writing font larger and maybe use a mic to those who find it easier to listen. For those who have issues with hearing as well would need mic or a translator As well as that, numerical figures and charts can be hard to see with just number so organising the numbers into a table and fully label the charts will enhance the customers and show less confusion.


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