Chatman’s could just be stuck, and don’t know how

Chatman’s theories of selection and Van Maaneen and Schein’s theories on socialization, promote similarity in values and demographics as the basis for maintaining effective work environments. (Jehn, Northcraft and Neale, 1999)  The theory is such that ‘organisations devote substantial resources to establishing this “good fit” as they assume “that certain people are better suited to perform some jobs than others”‘. (Chatman, 1991)Referring back to Byrne’s theory of similarity-attraction, people prefer to be around similar or like-minded people like themselves.  This is evidenced from companies where they tend to have a certain ‘look’ or ‘feel’ based on the people they hire. Chatman reaffirms this because ‘Rather than focusing on job-related criteria, selection appears to be based on such socially based criteria as “personal chemistry,” values, and personality traits and, possibly, on how closely recruits’ preferences match organizational values.’ (Chatman, 1991)However, it is important to note that: “Just because they look like you don’t mean they share the same values as you.” Larry Kesslin, CaliforniaAs a result, hiring by “personal chemistry” means that ‘most organisations don’t try and understand people – there is too much variety and uniqueness in what drives decisions.’ (Indi Young, 2015) Trying to un process takes up a lot of time, human resources and effort, which some organisations feel, in this fast paced world, would be better keeping their hiring processes the same. As the old American saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “If you see yourself reflected and there are no differences, everything is okay.”Daniel Harvey, DotsThe difficulty lies in getting past everybody’s habit of emphasizing opinions and using them to represent a person’s inner reasoning. This habit might be rooted in a mode of “hurriedness”—the desire of industrial cultures to accomplish more within each day.(Indi Young, 2015)Kesslin says that people could just be stuck, and don’t know how to shift.  


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