Charlotte foster a well-defined and meaningful conversations about

Danielson a well-rounded educator who has acknowledged the existence of the obscurities
of teaching. Teaching has present itself with many cognitive demands. We need
quality teaching to make our learning environment a place where the students
can reach their highest potential. With this in mind, Ms. Danielson carefully
curved a teaching framework to foster a well-defined and meaningful
conversations about effective teaching practice. The framework offers ready-to-use
forms and instruments which provides comprehensive advice and clear procedures for
how teachers and other school staff can integrate and incorporate the framework
to help them improve and advance their professional practice. It presents useful
guidance and tools for self-evaluation by mentors and administrators. 

handbook has been well received by thousands of educators, whose task is to craft
a learning atmosphere which cultivates wisdom needed for 21st century education. These
professionals have confirmed its value and worth in the education world. It
supported the importance of offering quality teaching to every learner who
steps in the classroom. This book has ample sources on how to sustain organized
and meaningful professional conversations. Having scholarly discussions about how
teachers can convey fairness to the classroom for students to succeed. A clear
definition of good teaching has guided their well-thought discussion which has
produced a more intensive plans and structures. The framework also adheres to
teachers’ own self-assessment. For me, this is the framework most prevailing
feature. The teachers are guided on how to properly utilize their own teaching
of the different sections of the system to expose an increase in the levels of
their teaching performance.  

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framework is not only intended for teacher evaluation of performance. It also
caters to the many aspects of teaching. Upon the employment of the proper steps
and application of the framework, it will ensure fruitful teaching and
professional collaboration amongst them. If this framework will be embraced by
a school or a district for use, the framework will offer sound advice for how a
teacher evaluation system can support teacher learning as well as ensuring
quality instruction. 


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