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CharacterizationAs the protagonist of the memoir, Morrie unveils his character traits through his quotes. As a strong believer of loving others, a mantra borrowed from his favorite poet Morrie portrays his free will and transcend list trait. As a modern transcend list, he believes in making a choice on the way to live his life and not conforming to common mores of the society. Morrie believes that love is a very important virtue and lives his life spreading the love to other people. He tries to instill that virtue to Mitch and ensures his teachings continue even after he is gone through their “last paper together” After he was diagnosed with a terminal disease, Morrie chose not to be distraught chose to make a difference with the little time he had left. Though he mourns about his condition at times, he quickly snaps out of it. This portrays him as strong willed and courageous.

He dedicated the rest of his life in educating people about the meaning of life. His courage is further portrayed by his ability to accept his condition. When his sickness incapacitates him he accepts the need of other people’s help in doing things and describes it as re-living his childhood.Similarly, Morrie is a lovable and sociable person.

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His ability to reach through people is prominently portrayed from the memoir. As Mitch explained it, he had the ability to make his students lighten up and like him on the first encounter. He also reached through Koppel on his first interview on the TV program and by the third interview he seemed to have struck a friendship with him.

RecommendationTuesdays with Morrie is an inspiring book about a dying man and his determination to make a change even with his limitation. The Memoir made me reflect about the meaning of life and ignited the sense of appreciation for the gift of life, friendships, and compassion and family relations. It is also an inspiration not to indulge in but instead strive to live life to the fullest.

What I liked most about the book is the lessons of avoiding conforming to popular norms and values and develops personal cultures. The book evokes different emotions ranging from love to sadness. The flow of the story will keep one glued to the book. I therefore would recommend this book as a must read.


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