Chapter so, you may not recover from health

Chapter FOURBE HEALTH CONSCIOUSIf you want to postpone your funeral, you have to attend to your health very well and take good care of it. Do not be down completely before you start thinking of your health. If you do so, you may not recover from health problems when they strike. Let attention to your health, be a continuous thing.

If your health is in good shape, it will be difficult for any ailment to strike and kill you fast.Take good care of your health, Health they say is wealth. As wear and tear affects man made things, so also is your body affected. For example, aging is as a result of wear and tear of the body and all its constituent parts.

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As you age, a lot of things in your body ages too. This includes the eyes, the organs, the joints and many more.How often do you visit medical experts in different areas of medicine to check your health? Many people do not bother about that. When they notice a strange sign or their body brings up a strange symptom, instead of going to see a medical expert to report and discuss the symptom, they will just overlook it and begin to compound the problem until it becomes a critical thing. Other people instead of going to see a doctor will result to self medication. Another group of people may choose to treat themselves with herbal medicine instead of going to diagnose the symptoms and take proper medical care.The greatest time to be closed to medical experts is when you are aging. Because this is the time you often see aging disorders showing up.

You do not have to be careless about your health. As soon as you discover that your health is in problem in one area or the other, quickly go and see your doctor. A stitch in time they say saves nine. When diseases are detected early, they are likely going to be cured easily and these often return sufferers to normal life soon too.Take for instance, today most cancers can be cured and subdued if, they are detected early and before they spread into all parts of the body. This includes breast, prostate and other cancers.

You don’t have to be completely down before you see the need to see a medical doctor. If you allow your health to deteriorate before seeing a doctor, it may be too late to find a cure. Engage in what can always boost and promote your health and run away from activities that are detrimental to good health.Ensure you do all things in moderation as you are aging.

This includes sex, eating, exercise, drinking etc. Do not indulge in self medication. If you need to seek alternative solution to your health challenges, ensure you go to see a qualified natural or herbal doctor and not quacks.Do not indulge in unprotected sex if you cannot abstain from sex as you are aging.

Unprotected sex is the source of many sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis etc and which can damage your health.Salt and sugar are not health friendly. For salt, it has to be taken in moderation. Too much of it could raise your blood pressure. Sugar is an attractant of so many diseases. For instance, cancer thrives in sugary environment and cancer cells also split to spread easily with the help of sugar.

Therefore, you need to avoid sugar as much as possible. People suffering diabetes should avoid sugar. The ingestion of sugar and sugary products by diabetics will increase the accumulation of sugar in their body. If the sugar level of diabetics is not checked and controlled, it could make them collapse and go into coma and it may cause them to have a number of other complications.

Too much sugar is also not good for the heart and the immune system. As you age, do not always eat until you are 100% full. Eating to 80% is better. Because the lighter you are the better. From the experience of people who have been able to live long, eating twice a day is better for the health. Breakfast and lunch are the ones recommended.

Intermittent full fast is also recommended for good health as you age, this they say, will give your organs a break and rest. Too much red meat they say accelerate aging. If you can, minimize eating red meat.If your diet is not healthy, endeavor to supplement your diet with good multivitamins.

Its supplementation is good for old age. When you are sick, ensure you use your drugs as prescribed and follow the advice of your doctor. If for any reason, you feel like trying other remedies outside the recommended one by your doctor, always seek the opinion of your doctor first. Do not economize your health.

If you intend to live long, give everything at your disposal to your health.


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