Chapter 9, it seems that all the

Chapter 9 of And Then There Were None was very interesting. From everyone thinking that they were crazy, to more deaths on the isolated island. Since they searched the island in the previous chapter, they knew that they were the only people on the island, so they started blaming one another of killing the guest, starting with Doctor Armstrong.With the unexpected death of General Macarthur, they start to try and make sense of this, but are having trouble doing so.  During chapter 9, a storm suddenly rages on the island, bringing with it heavy wind and rain.  In Chapter 9, it seems that all the guest are paranoid. That day, Philip Lombard comes out and says that the deaths were just coincidences, and that they should not think to much of it. Later in the day, Blore unexpectedly asked Dr. Armstrong if he might have unintentionally caused Mrs. Rogers sudden death,taking heavy offense to that accusation. He denies it. With paranoia setting in, Blore starts saying other things to the houseguest that shows he is suspicious of them. The conversation gets cut off, when the lunch bell rings. For lunch, they are having cold ham, and cold tongue, along with other things found in the pantry. With two people missing from the table, Vera comes in and is ready to eat. Where is General Macarthur? With Macarthur not at lunch, they all continue eating. The silence breaks when Dr. Armstrong decides to go get General Macarthur, who was sitting by the sea according to Vera. He comes back with the news that General Macarthur is dead. With a crazy storm outside they went to get Macarthur’s body, and Dr. Armstrong gives him an autopsy. He comes to the conclusion that he was killed by a life preserver. After several deaths on the island, Wargrave comes to the conclusion that none of the deaths were accidental, and none of the guest killed themselves. With his theory being supported by several other people, some start to believe that one of the guest is possessed by the devil himself. Trying to piece this all together they do not second guess anyone. After carefully reviewing each guest, and their alibi, he states that no one has been found guilty of the murders yet, but everyone should stay safe, and look after eachother.


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