CHAPTER focus of the research which about



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This Chapter one will provides the view of the research. First, we will examine about the research background, secondly problem statement, the research objective and lastly the research question. later, the researcher will also review about the hypothesis of the study followed by the significant of study and finally the chapter layout. By adding of all of the item, the reader can understand more deeply well on the focus of the research which about the dimensions of customer attributes


The property field in Malaysia is still in a promising escalade quickly. The government is taking some edge to revamp the image of the sectors and it is taking on new dimensions, for example, the Ninth Plan, which remark for remarkable new provision for the country infrastructure. In the Ninth Malaysia idea, together with the taglines ‘Malaysia My Second Home’, which is namely for Visit Malaysia Year, the Government set out on a noteworthy number of arrangements, including the evacuation of limitations to build the foreign investment in the property market. A decade ago, the Malaysian property market became more fundamentally alluring when the legislature dispensed with capital gains tax on all property deals (Cheah, 2012).

According to Foster (2000), Housing has been significant influence to the wellbeing of the society and it is a major economic asset for all nations in Malaysia. Besides that, safety factor and social inclusion start with quality housing is also important. But, it is common for any residential buildings to have to overcame with the problems of building decay and deterioration, which are inevitable through the effects of usage, wear and tear. During the extinction the life of the building, it is vital to have proper maintenance so that all problem that occur can be solved and eliminated. Therefore, it is not shocking that one of the most important matter in the term of property housing relates with maintenance management.

Past study has admitted there is some strong relationships between economic deprivation, poor housing and lack of maintenance as one of the major accommodate of maintenance action, the developer cannot let the house project lack of awareness on maintenance work will critically lead to them living in disrepair and poor condition. This is the developer one main responsibilities of a resident is to inform relevant departments on the defects observed at their homes. (Chew et al., 2004).

It is Important to explain here is the role played by different level of government, namely Federal, State and local especially in low cost housing development in Malaysia. The government of Malaysia generally responsible establish the policy, laws and regulations governing housing especially for the private sector. But, for low cost housing the Federal government participate directly in housing production and allocation system with the cooperation of the State governments such as Perumahan 1 Malaysia (Pr1ma) project. Funding for public low-cost housing programmed usually come from Federal government as well the State governments and Government linked company (GLC) are responsible to identify the available state’s land for housing construction and selection of eligible low-cost house buyers and also, they identify the preferences that home buyer see when purchasaing a house. The sales and purchase agreement also important. The local government generally did are involve directly in housing production such as the government of Perak, except allowing the planning permission and building plans for housing construction by both public and private developers. However, in major cities the local governments are also involved in management, administration and maintenance of public low-cost housing with the Federal and state funding. Meanwhile private developer generally operated with managed to achieve the number of sales unit although they need to obey the control and regulations imposed by the government (Shuib, 2011)

Housing Affordability is one of the main interest for the State Government of Perak. Low cost property is crucial as it has become an absolute requirement of residents, especially for B40 income households’ population in this state. In Perak, the increase rapidly in-house prices have made it almost impossible for the middle-income group to own a home. The extreme transformation in housing prices has influence the affordability levels in Perak. This study Attributes Influencing Home Buyers’ Purchase Decision in Perak. Reasonableness Index was in this way produced. In light of the Index, it is discovered that lodging moderateness for each locale in Perak at extremely unreasonably expensive level. The verdict of this research can be used to support the state government in their attempt to produce quality affordable housing for Perakian (Azmi et al., 2013).
Housing development in Perak can be reckoning as one of the major activities that support the stability and encourage human being lifestyle. Questions regarding environment-behavior transactions are becoming so important element such as behavioral issues such as safety and security, maintenance, privacy and personal control, communication and imageability, psychological comfort, expected lifestyle and social change should be treated with more relevance and validity in design practice (Horayangkura, 2012).

(Zinas ; Jusan 2012) stated that the increase number of the population in Perak had impact to the large number of demand in the housing. The house that is produce of diverse and consumer feature requires that other element of the housing attributes need to be identify into, and the attendant motivations for the housing user in choosing a set of housing preference over and above alternative sets of housing attributes. The residential subsector is by high household formation in Perak. By having this dynamic action, the flat areas of land have been exploited to meet the request of human needs. Housing on this place has higher demand and the property price is higher. Due to the shortage supply of flat area, housing developers has started to develop housing in another area such as hilly area.

More Over, the regulations and guidelines applied to the development at Perak are different from others. Which means that the developer must obey with these regulations to ensure safety and security for the residents and properties. Developing a housing are at the hilly area has a hidden risk, not just towards the property developer but also towards their buyer and investor. Among the hidden risks are landslide tragedies and soil erosion phenomenon. These matters can make a profit loss, death, sales decline and investment loss. These situations create phenomenon whether the developers and property buyers are alert on the subsequences of developing or buying the housing property at hilly area. Therefore, residents at landslide prone area could have considered more influential factors apart from all the threats from landslides in their decision making of buying a property. The intensity of impacts from landslide hazard can be minimized if the hazard zones can be predicted and mapped before any development activity takes place. (Yakob et al., 2012).


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