Changing net user Home Department 123123123 and

Changing the Computer Password without using Old Password This is very effective trick or technique to reconsider your Computer Windows password without giving the old password using with control penal 1.

Press Windows+R to open the windows command dialogue box and then afterwards open cmd command prompt. It is pertinent to mention here that in this specific case open the command prompt run as administrator2. Next after opening the command prompt run as administrator type the command net user. This command will show you the logins and users created in the computer system3. Image 24. Now the next step is very much simple type the command net user username of your computer and desired password such as net user Home Department 123123123 and press enter your password will be changed without entering or giving control penal authentication Image 3Block suspicious websites on your Computer1. Start the program with Computer Run program 2. Type this command to open the desire folder %windir%system32driveretc and press enter or in case the desired command does not work.

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Simply explore the system32 files from your C drive open driver folder and with continue next towards etc folder and press enter. 3. Image 44. In the next step in the etc folder there will be a host file right click on the folder and open as this folder with notepad5. Image 56. Now the notepad file will be open before you like the image given below7.

Image 68. Now for blocking any site you have to type the local ip address just like in my case I have is given above in the image. For example blocking the site 192.

0.0.2 then further in next type the same www.facebook.

com. Now save as the file of host and I hope so the file will block. 9. Image 7Encrypt your files and FoldersIn this trick I will show you how to make encryption to your files and folders with following simple steps 1. Just right click on the folder or file which you want to make encryption and open the files and folders properties. 2.

After opening the properties click on the advanced tab and there will be an option of encryption. 3. Enable the encryption tab and apply to the desired folder. By doing this file will be encrypted and will not be accessible to any other computer. It is pertinent to mention here that it is necessary to install bitlocker to your system as well.4. Image 8Checking your Connected Computer Network PasswordIf you want to check the computer network password this is a very simple technique to inspect computer network password.

1. Press Windows+R button to run the program and type CMD to open the command prompt 2. Now in the command prompt and type the command netsh wlan show profile wifi name key=clear and press enter such as mine wife router name is TU TU so I will type like this netsh wlan show profile TU TU key=clear3. Image 94.

After performing the command function scroll down and try find Key Content that will be your wifi password 5. Image 10Hide or Restrict your Hard Disk Partition DrivesIn this I will guide you through simple tricks that how to make invisible your drives from computer.1. For doing this trick open the run program into your computer 2. Type the command gpedit.msc and press enter3.

Image 174. After this another window will appear with the name of local group policy editor 5. Image 126. Now click on the administrative templates7. Image 138. Select Windows Components 9. Image 1410. Now select file explorer and click on hide these specified drives on this computer11.

Image 1512. After opening those files another window will appear before in this click on the enable option and pick drive which you want to hide and hit apply. The selection will be hidden from the computer system.

How to Check anybody Website IP1. A Simple step is open Command Prompt and type the single command ping web site name such my website name is so I will like this ping and press enter.2. Image 11


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