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(change slide) Allow independency. (short pause) Providing everyone withchoice to fit their needs and wellbeing, will allow individuals to keep theymind simulated and become more independent and allow them to be happier inlife. People who are offered limited amount of mobility should also be afford achoice. Nobody wants to feel sacred.  Ifindependency is restricted in someone life this could lead an individual tofeel depressed and have low expectations in what they are cable of doing ontheir own, this could possibly result to deterioration in health and loss ofindependency forever. Nobody wants to feel unwanted. Professor Judith Sixsmithmentioned that homes and communities support can help older people age in theright way, as this improve their physical and mental health. It also allowselderly people to become more social and independent of their lives.

However,people who are not used to this kind of environment will find it difficult tounderstand the development of independency. They also could have difficultiesaffording to stay in a house by themselves. The low-income minority ethnic byBritish Columbia relocates older people to a more affordable house, which alsoallows elderly people to become more socialised and helps them develop a sharedinterest with others.

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(Sixsmith, 2016) Every care home setting should alwaysencourage and provide choice to an individual’s life, this is by enabling andsupporting somebody in your care and making sure the person has an active mindand body, this could be a simple task as taking care of their own personalhygiene or engaging with group activities. (short pause) The different benefitto independency will bring a sense of achievements and accomplishment in one’slife. By allowing individuals to do small tasks will make them know they have apurpose of life and only they are in control of their life. (emphasise’their’). (new slide) For example, in a care home, residents who can do theirday to day tasks, will feel happier and more in control of their lives. Thiswill have a huge positive impact on not only how they feel but also on thehealth and wellbeing. Another impact this would have is allowing elderly peopleand carers to build a strong and trusting relationship, this may be the difference(change to next slide) How can we helpMaureen and her fellow residents?


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