Cellphones, much since they are not paying

Cellphones, as we know it, are being used at an extremely high rate and you can spot anybody on their phone whenever. Cell phones play a significant role in many people’s lives but should only be used in their spare time. Therefore cellphone use during school should be limited because it distracts the students who are learning, is a sign of disrespect and causes students to cheat.
First of all, cell phones in class can distract everybody because they have their attention focused on the person with the phone instead of the teacher. This means these students will not be able to learn much since they are not paying attention. Also, if a cell phone were to ring during class, everyone would be distracted because of the irritating noise it makes. In addition, students themselves could make annoying noises such as laughing when they are on their phones. It is unfair for students to be on their devices while others sit and actually concentrate on their work.
Second of all, using phones in class is not only disrespectful to your teacher but also to everyone in the class too. For instance, students may not hear the teacher lecturing and can end up not being caught up with the assignment which proves a waste of time for the class.


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