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Celebrity worshipped is commonly known as an obsessive-addiction towards where an individual becomes heavily involved and attracted to the celebrities for instance with their personal style, identification details of the private life of a celebrity and their personal characters. Any person who is in the center of attraction will be the object of a person’s obsession with for example movie celebrities. Looking at the number of fans mourning the loss of Michael Jackson, This clearly proves the criticality of celebrity worshiping in the modern days. Michael Jackson’s demised puts the whole world devastated and some of his ardent fans went traumatized after the confirmation of his death by the officials, the incident took place just a few days before the official opening ceremony of his concert tour. Paul Walker, an American actor and a celebrity model and predominantly known for the character he performed as Bryan O’Connor in the fast and furious series, had died of a car crushed accident on November 30, 2013, at the aged 40 In Santa Clarita, California. Numerous number of fast and furious series fans can’t accept the fact that he is death until to date.

This clearly indicate that even in the modern days the attraction towards celebrities are critical this type of mentality may seem new to the current generation due to the overwhelming media exposure to the current generation but according to (Fischoff, 2011), senior editor at the Journal of Media Psychology and emeritus professor of media psychology at California State University, Los Angeles. Even in the previous generation public has the attraction towards the celebrity for instance 80 years post the death of well-known silent-film hero Rudolph Valentino, fans do continue to visit his grave . Its relatively easy for celebrities to tap into the individual’s imaginations and inner emotions through the movie medium and, encourage people from their everyday routine lifestyle and gives them the courage and boost their confidence by making them believe in them , said (Lucas, 2017), a clinical assistant professor of psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College and an assistant attending psychiatrist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Humans being characters are designed to be generally attracted towards exaggerations according to Lucas, however, that while being attracted and worshipping the celebrities are harmless, it will be referred as symptomatic which came from a rootless culture in which many people feel a sense of isolation.

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“Public tend to have more knowledge about the private life of the celebrities through the social medium such as magazines, social network and media sources fills the gap between a normal individual and a celebrity. For the most part, celebrity status gives a sense of specialty and invincibility status due to this factor the audience shocked when they die. According to the psychologist, Fischoff mentions that he thinks it is perfectly appropriated and acceptable to grieve a star’s passing. Even his own wife cried by hearing the news that Micheal Jackson is dead, he said. With the loss of someone of Jackson’s stature. Since Jackson is known as one of the most renowned celebrities across the world due to his popularity people tend to accept Jackson as their part of the culture when he passed away it feels as if their whole cultural history disappears. You may have the feeling of someone you loved is gone, and it takes time to close the wound. According to (Hilfer, 2018), director of psychology at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City .When a celebrity died the loss is personal for their ardent fans not because they knew the celebrity personally but due to the fact that they were throughout with them(audience) as they grew up and as they had own special very moments with it,” he said. Even though physically gone, deceased stars leave their art in the world and will remain with those the memories. Linking celebrity worship with popular culture is socially acceptable due to the criticality of celebrity worship in the culture . In conclusion popular culture is commonly known as set a of practices, beliefs, and objects that are dominant and practiced by higher number of people in a society this particular statement is co related with fact that celebrity worships are also practiced by high number of people in the modern days due to the fascination towards celebrity for instance following a particular style of a celebrity’s dressing or even mannerism can be taken into account as part of the culture for the person


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