Celebrities a lucrative job and use up high-end

Celebrities and things associated with them such as salaries, utilization of personal goods fir their satisfaction and the way they interact to society is always a focal point. Although, at some point it is true, these famous people are also extending help to others by way of donating part of their income to less fortunate people. Undeniably, celebrities such as singers, actors, and actresses can have a lucrative job and use up high-end products. Since, they serve as an entertainment to crowd, it is therefore acceptable if they earn high salaries. Besides performing for audiences, celebrities also receive offers from brand deals where they get to endorse a certain product.

Most of these public figures also make a highly remunerative investment and these activities account for the high income they are earning every month. But we can not deny the fact that, these superstars also spend part of their income yo buy and consume plenty of up-market commodities such as jewelries, apparel, bags, and cosmetics, mainly to look good and presentable in the eye of public. On the other hand, I believe, celebrities also care for other people. They take part in different social activities and donate a significant portion of their hard-earned income to some charitable institutions. Celebrities use their far-reaching platforms to create buzz about other social issues like health and poverty. For instance, they create fund raising events to help cure people with cancer or help victims of typhoon.

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To sum up, I think that the claim that celebrities are living an easy life is not necessarily true. Well- known people are successful and may be living a luxurious life but this is because they worked hard for it and besides, they do not forget to share others their earnings.


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