Cat connection and strong bond with your cat.

 Cat toys aren’t just for amusement and games for your cat, they are a great way for you to create a deeper connection and strong bond with your cat. Whether simple or sophisticated, cat toys also help give your cat the regular exercise, and physical and mental simulation it needs. Playing with toys helps cats relieve stress, gives them an outlet for their energy, and also gives them to chance to exercise their natural inborn hunting instincts. This makes for a very healthy and happy cat. Toys for your feline companion are essential for their physical and mental development and growth.

Cats lose energy and mobility as they age, but toys and play time are still enjoyable. It is essential for cats that spend more time indoors, to have ample play time and plenty of stimulation to prevent boredom, or it can lead to deterioration in your cat’s mental and physical health. Choosing a toy for your cat shouldn’t be hard, there are a range of toys out there for you to choose from. Below are various categories of cat toys to help you find the best type of toy for your companion.

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Chew Toys  Much like dogs, cats also love to chew. Chew toys promote better dental health for your cat, removing any tartar. With chew toys, cats can crunch, chew and clean their teeth all while playing. When picking out a chew toy for your cat, you need to ensure there aren’t small parts they can swallow. Cat toys should also never include loose string or yarn as a cat’s tongue can act as a hook, drawing them into your cat’s throat. If they ingest string or yarn it can lead to deadly digestive problems.

So be mindful when choosing the best toy for your cat, safety comes first! You may also want to supervise your cat if he enjoys chew toys – just to make sure he doesn’t swallow any parts of his toy. Catnip-Filled Toys When catnip is dried and crushed it emits a chemical scent that attracts cats. Catnip is part of the mint family and has a powerful effect on most cats; don’t worry, it isn’t addictive, and it’s completely safe.

Cats react to catnip by rolling around, becoming hyperactive, meow-ing or making growling noises. Some cats even get aggressive and possessive over catnip, protecting their toy if anyone attempts to go near them. A play session with catnip-filled toys lasts not more than 15 minutes and takes as long as 3 hours for them to be receptive to it again.  Interactive Toys These types of cat toys allow you to play, have fun and create a bond with your favorite feline. A popular interactive toy is a laser pointer, a game specially made for pets, although they should never be pointed at your cat’s eyes.

Laser pointers delights cats and even provides plenty of exercise as they chase the laser beam.   Homemade Toys You do not always have to purchase toys to entertain your cat. Many cats love to play with random items laying around your house. Here are a couple of ideas for safe and fun homemade toys for your cat, –          A plain crinkly brown paper sack large enough for your cat to crawl inside.

–          Empty cardboard boxes – these are cat magnets!-          A carboard box (too small to contain your cat) filled with cat treats or toys. You could cut paw-sized holes in the box, so you can challenge your cat to fish out the treat inside. –          Build a cat maze with old carboard boxes fastened together.-          Use an unused sock, fill it with catnip and stitch up the opening – this is a great catnip-filled toy for your cat! –          Give your cat a roll of toilet paper and watch him go nuts!-          Fill an empty plastic bottle with trinkets – cats love hearing the noise these trinkets make when being rolled around You could also use other small household items such as plastic rings from containers of juice or milk, strips of paper, or even shower curtain rings as toys for your companion – just as long as they aren’t small enough for your cat to swallow, which can cause a serious medical condition. Key Takeaways The key to ensuring your cat doesn’t get bored is rotating their toys, just as you would with a child’s toys. No matter how old your cat may be, they all benefit from a little play time and exercise.

Understanding your cat’s interests and disinterest will help you choose the right toys for your playmate and create the best play time for them. Play time with your cat ensures their wellbeing, health and you will also find yourself having fun while doing it! Most of all, your cat will enjoy growing his bond with you! Check out the range of cat toys we offer here. Or for more cat parenting and grooming tips, stay tuned to this feed!  


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