Carrying more than from what went right.

Carrying out detailed research into potential new markets will open the door for entry into those markets. Attempting to enter these markets without this research would be likely to fail, resulting in financial losses and detrimental effects to Macro’s excellent reputation.
Accurate market analysis allows for more focussed financial planning for the service development, budgets have to be put established and controlled. Overspends may not always be easy to be recovered.
A continual process of management is crucial to the success of the plan, without it, how can there be measurement? Macro will need to learn from what did go wrong even more than from what went right. The costs of managing the risks regardless of their type (funding, spending, operational etc.) will always be far outweighed by the costs of not managing the risk. The continual monitoring may be the single most important activity carried out.
Without the adoption and implementation of the measures highlighted within this report, the Macro vision will remain just that, a vision but never reaching realisation.


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