“Career the understanding of the first, second

  “Careerin Renewable Energy”Assignment1Course:Introduction to Management Techniques 1.      Submittedby: Name: Mohd. Subhan KhanEnrolment No.: 1700264MTRCourse:REEM, 1st SemesterThemain question of the era is that can jobs be created to cater to both theenvironment and the people for a better living on the same platform? The answerto this question couldn’t be given by anyone for the opportunities that livedon this world a few years century back was more monotonous and less risktaking. The creation of a newer dimension to jobs, lifestyle, cleanerenvironment and for the overall sustenance of the world, the organizationsneeded to have a better and a different outlook to the new perspective andideas followed by the risk these newer genres brought along with them. The risk-takingfactor of the world to develop something more challenging was given a strongerthought when the current environmental and social scenarios are seen.

Thegrowing population along with higher food necessity lead to the understandingof the first, second and the third world countries that with the advancement oftime and depleting naturally available energy sources to put into considerationother forms of energy which did not have an expiration date and which could beharnessed and used without any limit. This very thought was first put intothought when scientists with the help of a very high magnifying glass createdfire and harnessed the energy. The source of energy for the same was the sun, anon-exhaustible and readily available energy which have been available to mensince the initiation of humankind on this planet. This experiment lead to thethought that if fire could be crafted with the help of the sun then the energyradiated towards the earth can be used and captured to produce energy. Thisfirst early thought lead to the revolutionizing the thought of the people inthe energy sector that energy is just not stored in the fossil fuel beneath ourfeet and that is not the only way of harnessing energy for large scalefunctioning. The sun carried thousand times more energy bundles with the amountit radiated towards the earth. This energy later came to be called as the solarenergy, was made to be properly channelized and captured for higherenergyproduction.                                                        With therevolutionary thought in the energy sector, the seeking of other alternateenergy continued and many came out to be a very potent source of energy for thecurrent and the future generation.

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The sun and its radiation also drive theother natural factors like wind, the lunar or moon effect influences the waveand the tides (indirect sunlight) and so on. The other sources of energyidentified were not something from a vanity purse but it was just like ourneighbour next door; we knew and felt it every day but never paid a completeattention to it. Solar, wind, wave, tidal were among the few which were thefirst to be identified. The later addition to this list were biomass, bio fuel,geothermal, radiant and nuclear power.

The wind energy, is obtained by thekinetic energy generated by the wind when it hits the blades of the windmillsand this energy converted by the wind turbines. This wind and the sun leads tothe heating up of the waterbodies leading to evaporation and precipitating downas rain or snowfall turning into hydroelectricity. The sun, wind and the watercollectively help in the growth of the plants. Thereare certain plants from which energy can be generated and stored as biomass.Biomass is used to produce electricity, transportation fuels or chemicals,leading to the creation of bio-energy.

All renewable energy are not connectedto the sun, the earth’s internal heating due to convection current can thetapped for various uses like power generation from the gravitational pull ofthe sun and the moon and so on. This energy source is termed as geothermalenergy for obvious correlation. Ocean energy tapped from the waves and tidesand also the wind together, which is generated due to temperature differencesfor electricity generation.These energysources were the ones we as a population were directly or for some geographicalregions indirectly interlinked to. The available sources of energy i.e. fossilfuel are non renewable and they would further lead to the exhaustion and leavea huge hole in the energy sector. The energy provided by fossil fuel just doesnot sustain the energy deliverance to the industries or the production unitsworldwide but it is a part of each living being standing their ground on thisplanet.

From the farmers cultivating their fertile land to the billionairescontrolling the private sector to the governmental organization providing thebasic necessities to the people around them, each depend on energy for theirsurvival physically and institutionally. These finite sources of energy arevery easy to mine or gather due to the technology expanding just towards theinterest of harnessing them. They have never thought about the possibility thatthese resources which are available within the arms distance are gradually andeventually deplete out and there will be no other source of energy left.

Thenwhat happens to the working on this planet? It comes to a complete standstill.Although therealization to look for alternative sources of energy has been started aftermankind understood the hit of exhausted oil reserves and natural gas, theutilization, developing and initialization of green energy is not too late. Greenenergy or the global way of calling it as Renewable energy, is a non-exhaustiveand abundantly available without the exploitation of other natural resources.Renewable energy is a new sector that has joined in to create not only tocreate socio-economic stability but also for a better environment not just forthe current generation but also for the generations after us. The cost bothmonetary and environmentally attached to the face side of renewable energy ismuch lower than the conventional energy technologies. The increase in pollutionand overhauling of the land and rigging the ocean floor has devastated theecological as well as the environmental ECG of the planet.

With the advent ofindustrialization, the continuous and the rigorous use of the fossil fuel tillthe present date has polluted the environment and the clearance of thispollution cannot be carried out instantaneously but will need a lot of effortform the side of the mankind to reduce pollution.The effect of fossil fuels on the planet earth are hazardous. The planetearth has its own immune system through which it maintains a constant ambienttemperature by releasing the heat (infrared radiation) from its surface throughthe atmosphere into the space.

As the industrialization was reaching everyportion of the world, the heat absorbing gases were increasing day by day(gases such as CO2, methane CH4, nitrous oxide NO2and other oxides NOx and chlorofluoro carbon CFC continues toincrease) CO2 concentration started to increase at the time ofindustrial revolution and has been increasing rapidly since 1900s. So, reducingconsumption of fossil fuels will reduce the CO2 emissions which willresult in greenhouse gases as well as global warming. Renewable energyhas also catered to the socio-economic growth of people world wide by theproduction of a number of job opportunities and providing energy security forthe future generation. Most of the green energy investments are spent onmaterials and workmanship to build and maintain the facilities, rather than oncostly energy imports. Many of the developing countries struggle to overcomemany socio-economic constraints and these energy sectors are proving to be thewinged angels by making available the most necessary form of energy:electricity available to remote places. Due to rugged terrain and isolationfrom the mainland region many regions of the world are not at par in the use ofenergy like the rest of the world. This factor has made these regions of theworld lack behind and development practices to be at a much slower pace.

A country doesnot only grow just in relation to its population but it also grows economicallyand uplifting the younger generation and upliftment of the lower income strataindividuals. These energy sectors do not necessarily ask for educatedprofessionals with high educational qualification. The jobs in this sector aremore skill oriented. A person needs to have basic educational qualification andto proceed in these field or to start their own companies all they need to dois to train themselves in the technicality of the sector.

This sector every dayis growing with different exciting and new challenges attached to it. Thesechallenges are specifically location orientated as these renewable energysources specially the ocean energy sector needs location movement. The jobscreated are not educational stream oriented but these energy jobs are mostlymade for them who needs a hand on experience on the field and who has a passionin the development. These jobs also require the people involved not only expandit to their level but spread it like a virus throughout the world. There aremany countries leading in the different sectors of the production of renewableenergy.

These countries with the highest production and generation of greenenergy are the places where a person keen in the field of alternate energy cansee and feel themselves growing and expanding. Countries leading in solar energygeneration:Theareas between Tropic of Cancer & Equator have average annual temperatureranges from 25°C – 27.5 °C. Photovoltaic Cells with Low Energy Factor and NoMoving Parts Mirrors or parabolic dishes.

(that concentrate lights)1.      China(130.4 GW)2.

      Unitedstates (85.3 GW)3.      Japan(63.3 GW)4.      India(57.4 GW)5.

      Germany(48.4 GW)China by 2014,almost accounted for almost 70% of the world’s total installed thermal capacitybigger than any country had aspired for during that time.Countries leading in wind energygeneration:India isnext to Germany in wind energy sector. It is one of the fastest growing marketin India for Renewable Energy.WindPower– AP GT Gujarat GT Karnataka GT Kerala Current InstalleJd capacity of22645 MW InstalledCapacity:As of the endof July 2017 the total installed wind power capacity was 32.56 GW.In 2015, theMNRE set the target for Wind Power generation capacity by the year 2022 at60,000 MW.

 1.      China:Installed capacity: 145,362 MW. Percentage share of total windpower capacity of the world: 33.6%2.      UnitedStates: Installed capacity: 74,471 MWPercentage share of total windpower capacity of the world: 17.2%3.      Germany:Installed capacity: 44,947 MWPercentage share of total windpower capacity of the world: 10.

4%4.      India:Installed capacity: 25,088 MWPercentage share of total windpower capacity of the world: 5.8%5.

      Spain:Installed capacity: 23,025 MWPercentage share of total wind powercapacity of the world: 5.3%Countries leading in hydroelectric powergeneration:1.      China(652.846 TWh)2.

      Canada(369.539 TWh)3.      Brazil(363.304 TWh)4.      UnitedStates of America (250.916 TWh)5.      Russia(167.

271 TWh)  Countries with Highest Electricity generationfrom hydroelectric power projects:1.     China: 1,066.1 TWh/year 2.     Brazil: 411.2 TWh/year 3.

     Canada: 376.7 TWh/year 4.     USA: 251.2 TWh/year Leading tidal power projects:Tidalenergy can be harnessed in two ways: ·        Tidal stream generators generation  1.

      SwanseaBay Tidal Lagoon, Wales: Capacity- 240 MW2.      TheRance Tidal power station, France: Capacity: 240 MW3.      SihwaLake Tidal power station, South Korea: Capacity- 254 MW4.

      Incheon,South Korea: Capacity: 1320 MW5.      GarorimBay, South Korea: Capacity- 520 MWCountriesleading in Biomass energy generation:Themethods of biomass energy generation:·        Combustion, ·        Gasification, ·        Fermentation & Anaerobic digestion Potential BiomassProduction ·        AP GT Bihar GT Gujarat GT Karnataka Biomass Energy Sources 1.     Ethiopia (92.

9%)2.     DR Congo (92.2%)3.     Tanzania (85%)4.     Nigeria (81.5%)5.     Haiti (81%)6.

     Nepal (80.6%) Countries leading in geothermal energygeneration:Till nowonly 6.5% geothermal energy is tapped Countries generating more than 15%electricity from geothermal sources:1.     United States 2.

     Philippines3.     Indonesia4.     New Zealand5.     Italy6.     Mexico7.     Turkey8.     Kenya9.

     Iceland10.  Japan   The creation ofjobs in the renewable energy sector has now become a global phenomena with endnumber of opportunities striking the younger generation into making the worldsustainable and energy efficient and also converting the present environmentmore sustainable and liveable for the future generations to come. Renewableenergy along with the job opportunities have cupped the living being for abetter and a great chance of survival.

The jobs opportunities attached with this renewable sector is far greaterthan what have now been perceived. The renewable jobs or the green jobs aretransforming into global jobs with its helping hand towards every sector andevery living being alive on this planet. The renewable energy is turning newstones and making mankind step into a different a friendlier genre of energy.This energy is just not changing or developing in its path but revolutionizingthe outlook of the whole population it has on its back for survival andpersistent growth. ******************* 


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