Cardiovascular rate in California which is 133.7 and the

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Diabetes have a
high prevalence rate in the nation. While it is important to look at the
overall statistics of the nation, community health nurses look at those issues
on a more local level. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact of
CVD and diabetes, the two main community health issues in Solano County, by
comparing statistical data from various sources.


According to the California Department of Public
Health the prevalence of CVD in Solano County is 114.3 when compared to the
rate in California which is 133.7 and the US is 196.2 ( p 19 – 22). When analyzing
these facts we can see that Solano County is suffering from a health crisis and
preventive measures along with education needs to take place. The statistics
are just as alarming with diabetes in Solano County The US prevalence rate is
25.0, California’s rate is 21.6, yet Solano County weighs in with a whopping
30.2 (p 15 – 16).  We can see that Solano County’s rate for diabetes is
higher than the national rate. The County is also at risk for breast cancer (p
11-12), and infant related illnesses due to the fact that 21.3 percent of
mothers delivering infants did not receive prenatal care during the first
trimester of pregnancy.  What is
astonishing about this data is that it is once again higher that the national
rate of 16.3 and the rate of California 16.4 (p 65-67)

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One was to reduce the risk of breast cancer,
infant birth related illnesses, diabetes and CVD in Solano County is to change
the things that can be changed in attempt to prevent and or limit the amount of
causes related to the health disparities. The Health Departments in the county
as well as Healthy People 2020 initiatives are in place to help communities,
states and the nation to live the fullest healthiest lives through the
prevention and early detection of the disease process ( … fix quote).
Some of the goals of Healthy People 2020 can be met though the community
nursing/public health nursing because the goals of both entities are aligned.


to According to Nies, and McEwen (2015), Community/Public health focuses on
health and wellness. The goal is to prevent disease through prevention. Primary
prevention focuses on the educating and or providing resources to the community
to prevent illness, disease, and premature death by targeting the vulnerable
population to eliminate risk factors. The focus is community based, thus the
term community nursing (p 7). Secondary prevention that deals with  early
detection with quick interventions before the signs and symptoms appear and
targets the population that have risk factors (American Nurses Association
(2013), p 2) and

through tertiary prevention. This focuses on
rehabilitation. The goal of tertiary prevention is to limit the disabling
effect of the disease and to get the patient back to as close to baseline as
possible. It is important public/community nurses serve a population based upon
a geographical location.


Solano County risk factors and high prevalence
rates can be improved as long at the organizations work together to educate the
community so we can live healthier longer lives.


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