Cardiovascular The problem of cardiovascular disease is

Cardiovascular disease is a situation that develops when a matter called blood platelet enhance in the walls of the arteries. The cardiovascular disease most often occur in the age of people between 45 until 65 years old. For instance, the causes of cardiovascular disease including genetic factors, diet, smoking and air pollution. The cardiovascular disease remains the main cause of death and activity limitations in Western countries. The problem of cardiovascular disease is the high cholesterol level and blood pressure. The solution of cardiovascular disease is lowering cholesterol and controlling blood pressure.
Firstly, high cholesterol level is the one of the problem of cardiovascular disease. High cholesterol in blood is a causing dangerous factor for human cardiovascular disease such as coronary disease as well as stroke (Tabas,2002). Therefore, high cholesterol have high chance to lead the cardiovascular disease become more serious. The reason for the high cholesterol level will cause cardiovascular disease become serious is the cholesterol or blood platelet enhance causes arteries to become thicker, harder, and fewer elastic, decrease speed of blood and occasionally barrier the blood flow to the heart (Hongbao Ma,2006). Sometimes, increasing or decreasing of the cholesterol level is depend on our lifestyle factor in the daily life. For instance, another lifestyle factors like sport, smoking, weight control and drink coffee drinking all affect cholesterol level (Meri Rafetto,2004). Indeed, the patient must have a good lifestyle to reduce the cholesterol level become higher than their expectation. In short, cholesterol level have become a main problem of cardiovascular disease so the patient must cope with cholesterol level effectively.
Besides that, high blood pressure is another serious problem of cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure is defined as having a blood pressure higher than 140 over 90mm Hg, with an agreement across medical principle (Yong et al, 2017). Individuals with high blood pressure had a lifetime danger of general cardiovascular disease at 30 years old. Every 10mm Hg decrease in systolic blood pressure significantly decreased the risk of major cardiovascular disease events, coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart failure, which, in the populaces studied, led to a significant 13% reduction in all-cause mortality (Dena Ettehad et al, 2016). The lowest risk for a person to get cardiovascular disease is systolic blood pressure of 90-114 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure of 60-74mm Hg (Eleni Rapsomaniki et al, 2014). People that have systolic and diastolic blood pressure higher than the range of 90-114mm Hg and 60-74mm Hg will face high blood pressure that could cause dead. Hence, high blood pressure is an important problem that could not be easily ignore.
Firstly, the solution of cardiovascular disease is lowering cholesterol. Patient who was suffer cardiovascular disease can lower their cholesterol by taking statins medicine. This is because statins are a medicine that can restrain the composite of cholesterol in the liver and it can reduce low-density lipoprotein in the body. (Ziaeian & Fonarow, 2017). In addition to taking medications patients also need to reduce the consumption of eggs. This is because an egg contains 200mg of cholesterol, which will increase LDL cholesterol if taken by the patient. Hence, patients should reduce eggs intake to lower their cholesterol. (Weggemans, Zock, & Katan, 2001). In addition to reducing eggs intake, patient also need to change their lifestyle like smoking to reduce cholesterol. This is because a smoker will have higher cholesterol than a non-smoker. Thus, patients must stop smoking to prevent increasing cholesterol. (Eliasson, Janlert, Jansson, & Stegmayr, 2006). In conclusion, people must lower their cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular disease.
Last but not least, solution of cardiovascular heart disease is controlling blood pressure. Patients with cardiovascular heart disease should adopt DASH diet which is dietary approaches to stop hypertension for reduce high blood pressure. For example, the patients can eat more fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products with a low content of dietary cholesterol as well as saturated and total fat (Perk, 2012). Thus, DASH diet can help patients to eat healthier and nutrition. In addition, patients should also reduce sodium intake daily to control blood pressure. For this reason, patients should not consume up to 2,400 mg of sodium daily and further lower sodium intake by at least 1,000 mg daily (Go, 2013). Moreover, they could control their blood pressure through aerobic exercise. Besides, according to Whelton (2002), they discover that aerobic exercise reduced blood pressure effects with a systolic pressure of 3.84 mm Hg and a diastolic pressure of 2.58 mm Hg. Therefore, control blood pressure is one of the ways to prevent cardiovascular heart disease.
In conclusion, high cholesterol level and blood pressure bring the problem to the cardiovascular disease. Lowering cholesterol and controlling blood pressure is the best solution of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, they should have aware about the dangerous of the cardiovascular disease and carry out the best way to prevent the cardiovascular disease.


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