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Cardiorespiratory endurance also known as cardiovascular endurance is a measurement of how well your lungs, blood cells and heart work together to help you continue to be active over a long period of time, you can run tests to measure your cardiorespiratory endurance some of these tests include of; the beep test and the shuttle run. In each of these tests you run back and forth reaching the beep between two lines set 20m apart from each other, the beep begins to get closer together each minute which means that you have to increase the speed that you are running and if you do not reach the beep two times in a row you are no longer apart of the test and your results are recorded and you may choose to do this test again after a few weeks and see your improvement. You can continue to improve your cardiorespiratory endurance without doing tests by swimming, running, heavy weight lifting and reducing the amount of time in-between sets, each of these examples will help an individual improve their cardiorespiratory endurance.

While playing touch football cardiorespiratory endurance becomes important when an individual athlete is running a long distance or running to get back on side before the next play.

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