Captain John Smith, Roger Williams, and Mary

Captain John Smith, Roger Williams, and Mary Rowlandson each had their own views of Native Americans. Their difference in opinions, views and perspectives varied with time and personal accounts of each individual dealings. In 1607, John Smith was one of the first Englishmen to come to the New World and plant colonies in England’s North American territories. At that time, he traded goods with the Indians and learned their language and way of life which help make him responsible for the settlement and survival of Jamestown, England’s first permanent colony in America. Later that year he was captured by the Powhatans, where he changed his opinion of the Natives.

He described them as demonic painted savages, doing rituals and magic. He used the quote, “As if near led to hell, Amongst the devils to dwell” (pg. 51); this clearly depicts his views of the Natives. It was

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