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“Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control. When cancer starts in the lungs, it is called lung cancer.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018). The sign of lung cancer may appear in the chest or in other body parts, but it takes years to become noticeable. It may appear in the chest as dry cough, weird sounds while breathing, and soreness in the chest and back. Also, it might appear in other body parts as headaches, muscle wasting, weakness, and undue weight loss. Some time, the causes of lung cancer are not clear. But most of the time lung cancer occurs because of smoking, no matter if the person is a smoker or just inhale the smoking, in both cases they are at risk of lung cancer. Smoking damage the cells that protect the lung, that’s why it is the causes lung cancer. More than that, smoking may harm bones, brain, skin, and much more of the body parts. It is also having the ability to individuals to shorten their life by 11-12 years. You can lower the risk of getting cancer by 50% after 10 years by avoid smoking, doing a lot of exercise, and eating healthy food, just by earning some good habits. But despite all that, if you got cancer, you can treat that it is not impossible. Based on your stage, overall health, and preferences they can do a plan for treat you by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, or immunotherapy.


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