Can can make or break student’s life?

 Can you tell me that one decision which can make or breakstudent’s life? What type of decision is it which is very confusing and equallyimportant in student’s life? Yes, it is career.90% of the time parents, friends or relatives are decidingyour career, If your friend is taking civil engineering you will also choosethis branch even though your interest is in mechanical, some of your cousinsitting in USA advising you to do computer science because the earning is reallygood you will study computer science no matter you have interest or not, andthis end up getting nothing in life.

I have met three types of students in my career…1. They actually don’t know what they want to do in life?2.  Most confused whois not able to choose from multiple career options.3. Confident and clear headed Let’s find out your type and accordingly let’s choose your careerpath together. Find yourself have courageFirst and for most thing is to find out your interest, yourpassion, Your dream, I have met lots of students where parents and student’schoices are different, and parents imposed their choices on children, forexample you want to study designing but your parents wants you to takeengineering, conflict may occur in anything not only in study but inrelationships as well, where you wish to marry someone you are in relationshipsince long time but your parents wants you to go for an arranged marriage andchoose someone from your own caste, So there are two sides of coin here, oneside is all your wish your dreams and your ambitions what you really want to doand the other side what the world wants you to do including your parents yourrelatives and friends.

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So what to do in this condition? Let me be very blunt here most of the time people get scaredand do what others are doing, they don’t have a courage to live their dreams,you can verify this statement by your own, Just ask your college mates or ifyou are working ask your colleagues whatever they are doing right now are theyhappy with it? Do they enjoy their work? Do they really wish to study all thesesubjects? Is this job excites them every day?Let me share my very own story with you all, Aftercompleting HSC my family wanted me to study LLB further and they enrolled melaw school as well, I started taking classes of law along with my Bachelors butmy dream was to became an airhostess and one day I went to my parents with allcourage and told them I can’t do law infract, I do not want to, they acceptedmy decision. Today, I have achieved my dream of becoming an air hostess. Be aware from illuminatingadvertisement SSC and HSC exams are near, the moment it gets overdifferent types of institutes will start bombarding advertisements about how tochoose career? The best selling point is they do free counseling and indirectlysale their own products, If you visit any overseas education consultant thenthey will advise you to go abroad and enroll in their institute for IELTS orGRE coaching as soon as possible, If you are visiting any competitive examscoaching classes then they will fix the idea of Govt job in your brain and willask you to enroll for bank, clerk, GPSC or UPSC coaching class, and they chargefor those classes it’s not free of cost, so before enrolling for classes likethis, before deciding your career goal with the help of money maker’s brain,let me help you here how to choose career so you do not need to go for anycareer counseling and enrolling for something you were never interested in before.Coaching industry is booming with 1.

5cr of turnover, now itis up to your choice you want to invest in yourself or want to waste money incoaching institutes.Never lie to yourselfDuring my live seminar on UPSC exams, when I ask students doyou have capacity to crack UPSC exam, I got this answer from each and everystudent I met, : Yes, why not I will clear it in one go” and when I meet themafter result all they have to say is, ” luck wasn’t in fever. My point isaiming high is not wrong but one has to be truthful to their own self, youshould know your limitations, completion, for example will you fight withsomeone who is double of your size in the ring? No right, so accept yourlimitations, sees your completion seriously and chooses your field accordingly.Be strong, truthful, Courageous, confident and open youreyes and accept reality.

Everyone cannot be Sachin Tendulakar, Bill Gates orMukesh Ambani, but accepting your limitation and by doing what you are best atcan make you Sachin, Bill Gates or Ambani one day….Who doesn’t wants to be number one in life? Most of studentsare planning to study abroad or others are targeting to top IIT or IIM, butthese are not only the career options, there are no limitations outside, thelimitation is inside us, countless career options are available, I have seenpeople who are successful and gained a lot in life and they are not doctors,engineers, lawyers, IIT or IIM passed out, It’s okay to fail, It’s okay not toget 90% in exam, this is not the end, still you can change the history, Bestrong and don’t run behind the world let’s conquer the world, don’t befollower be leader, Have courage to say NO, and still if you feel doing whatyou love is not right then choice is yours J       


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