BYOD popularity as smartphones and mobile devices

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device came to light many years ago as a change in the way we conduct business, many companies traditionally had the technology to build closed networks and provide the equipment to access their network, BYOD now allows personal devices to be connected to these networks and cost companies much less as there is not a need to buy any extra equipment for a user/employee to use. The BYOD boom exploded into popularity as smartphones and mobile devices such as laptops were now costing much less for general people to buy, meaning companies do not have to issue any more hardware to complete work.
BYOD can be a useful tool in business as it allows employees to be more productive by allowing them to use the tools they prefer to work, employees previously needed many devices i.e. to make calls, laptop for work and any other device they may need to carry for business, but that need has now been eliminated due to having one device that can now do all these. BYOD can also decrease support costs of the IT department by reducing a need to purchase any new hardware.


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