By correct roles to best training and

By working as part of a team at St Mary’s can be overpowering and sometimes stressful, depending on those I work with and what I am doing. Even though teamwork is challenging, it also can be rewarding and can help me fulfil tasks quickly. I may be able to overcome the challenges of working on a team by having commitment, a positive attitude and an open mind. For instance, as a unit manager part of my job is to delegate work to the care staff that will need to fulfil the responsibility, be clear about the time they have, and the people they can call on to help them to do the job, and in case when I have new staff I must make sure they are supervised with correct roles to best training and development. But we can be busy at our job, except for one person who spends a lot of time with just one resident. When care staff asks her for help, she talks about how busy she is. Other staff member get the clue about what’s going on and will stop speeding up to get the work done. I called a meeting with her to discuss how she can improve her time spent with one resident, so that she can be able to complete her other task. Within a few weeks she gets better.

in my area I have experienced challenges which I needed to resolve as a unit manager. there were a complaints from new members of staff relating to senior member not supporting them senior find fault with slow learning abilities. This was causing problems for me as a unit manager and that of resident and the senior carers were reluctant to work together as a team. I quickly identified this and addressed this issue as a group in a meeting. I spoke to everyone in the team without identifying anyone in specific and telling them what was happening and asked them to work in a group to help and support the junior carers as this will benefit the group and the way how to provide care to our residents. I also explained how it could impact on them and residents as well as the employer if team work is not working in the team. By supporting each other this enabled them to make their task and responsibilities easier and understand the impact it could have on their own work. I believe by doing this we were able to clear and solved any issues talked to them as a group, encourage good practice and team work.

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