PROPOSAL Perusahaan Perbankan yang Terdaftar di BEI

PROPOSAL METODELOGI PENELITIANANALISIS PENGARUH CORPORATE GOVERNANCE TERHADAP KINERJA KEUANGAN SEKTOR PERBANKAN(Studi Pada Perusahaan Perbankan yang Terdaftar di BEI tahun 2012-2017)Nama: Malinda Amelia KusumaNIM : 7311416162Rombel: Manajemen Keuangan B 2016FAKULTAS EKONOMIUNIVERSITAS NEGERI SEMARANGBAB IPENDAHULUAN1.1 Latar Belakang MasalahIndonesia adalah negara yang berkembang. Indonesia memiliki kekayaan alam nomor satu di dunia, yang sebenarnya berpotensi untuk¬†menjadi¬†negara maju tetapi banyak […]

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ASSESSMENT On the other hand, harvesting either under-aged

ASSESSMENT OF RESOURCES In a resource-based view, a company or firm is emphasized to utilize its resources to create a competitive advantage which results to value creation. These resources are specific assets useful of the firm which is superior against its competitors’ and creates a competitive edge for the company. Such resources are divided into […]

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CHAPTER for all of the variables. (Firm

CHAPTER FOURRESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS4.1 IntroductionThis chapter presents analysis and findings of the study as set out in the research methodology. The analysis was based on financial data collected by use of financial reports of listed commercial banks in Kenya .The objective of this study was on the investigation of corporate governance practices and firm value […]

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THE AKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to acknowledge

THE EFFECT OF WORKFORCE DIVERSIFICATION ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY IN KENYABYMUDI PATRICIA NATASHA089934A Research report submitted to Strathmore School of management and Commerce in partial fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management)STRATHMORE UNIVERSITYJuly, 2018STUDENT DECLARATIONThis project is my original work and has not been presented […]

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IPTEKS transactions in the company because cash

IPTEKS PENERAPAN PENGENDALIAN INTERN KAS PADA PT. PLN (PERSERO) UNIT INDUK PEMBANGUNAN SULAWESI BAGIAN UTARA Gloria Taogan1, Astrid Runtuwene2, Malindah Abuno3, Inggriani Elim41,2,3,4 Program Studi Akuntansi, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Universitas Sam Ratulangi, Jl. Kampus Bahu, Manado, 95115, Indonesiaemail: [email protected]@[email protected] control is a process that is influenced by human resources and information technology systems, which […]

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The corporate governance fills the democratic values

The main purpose of corporate governance is to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver long-term success of the company. It is a system by which companies are directed and controlled. Boards of directors are responsible for the governance of their companies. Corporate Governance literally describes the forms and development of the direction […]

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Corporate growth. The World Bank within its Financial

Corporate governance refers to the systems that are used to provide direction and control to corporate organizations. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have worked in collaboration for a long time to control and guide the financial management in vital macroeconomic sectors of the member countries. Corporate governance is essential for every country […]

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There other are some specialized banks across

There are some several basic reasons for the growing interest in corporate governance. Such as, if a bank fails to practice good corporate governance or lack of effective governance within the institution, it may cause insolvency of the bank and that may result in lack of confidence in the financial system of the country, because […]

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Toyota towards a good corporate citizenship through creation

Toyota Motor Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer and seller of vehicles. It was founded in 1987 and has its headquarters in Aichi, Japan. Toyota was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda. It is world’s second largest manufacturer of automobiles and was listed in 2014 as the leading company in Japan in terms of market capitalization. Toyota has […]

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Corporate directors, one of them,was chairman of

Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. Corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of a company’s many stakeholders, such as shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community(investopedia). The Board of Directors currently comprises 20 directors, including 2 outside directors and has […]

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