Chapter priority for any nation economic growth to

Chapter One: Introduction 1.1. Background of the Research The theoretical framework of corporate governance was established since the 1930s. The framework includes different mechanisms, such as the board characteristics, sub-committees’ characteristics, stakeholder management, and much more (Demirag, 2005). Bansal and Sharma (2016) stated that it is a priority for any nation economic growth to have […]

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BUAD the level of cash inflows and

BUAD 803: Principles of Accounting Registration Number: DP17MBA0967 The cash flow statement is a key accounting financial statement. In the cash flow statement sensitive information is shared to investors, shareholders, debtors and other business associates. The cash flow statement exposes the position and financial strength of a business. The cash flow statement, income statement and […]

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In its objective have moved beyond profit

In prior time, business organisations were just progressing in profits making but in recent time its objective have moved beyond profit making into gaining competitive advantages, sustainability, customer satisfaction, surviving turbulence environment and effective decision making in order to grow and stay in the market. With the stunning advances in technology, firms are implementing the […]

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At the same time, the concern that governance is significantly related to performance because it is associated with unobserved bank characteristics is important in the context of our study. In fact, the existence of such a relation is the only way to explain the results we find. In other words, shareholder-friendly boards created more value […]

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A Chairman External Examiner Committee School of

A summer internship project report ON “INVENTORY MANAGEMENT OF SPRL, PATHREDI UNIT” At {SP-1/892 & 893, RIICO Industrial Area, District Alwar, Pathredi, Rajasthan 301018} (A project report submitted in a partial fulfillment of the requirement of the degree of) “MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION at SMS, MUST” Submitted by: Submitted to: BHARTI GUPTA Dr. MANISH DIDWANIA […]

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On Arab uprisings. This stress was recovered

On June 5 2017, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain had formally ended diplomatic bonds with Qatar. Saudi Arabia explained it took the choice to end diplomatic bond due to Qatar’s acceptance of a lot of sectarian and terrorist groups wanted to unstable the land, which include the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Islamic State of […]

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2. were in their second, third and fourth

2. Previous Studies Related to Analysis of Language Learning This section of this chapter provides the literature review of certain previous studies that been carried out for EFL learners by researchers and linguists. Moreover, this section assembles these studies under two distinct headings. The First heading gives the studies related to EFL learning by Non-Arab […]

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CHAPTER Related Literature Banks are the engines that

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURES AND STUDIES For enhanced comprehension of the collected data, this section is intended to further address studies and literature related to the current research to steer towards new directions that would shed light on more facets of the different banking institutions regarding to the fraud they experience. This chapter […]

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Institute fulfillment of the requirement for the degree

Institute of Business & Finance Department of Business Administration Lahore Campus 191135012065 INTERNSHIP REPORT ON KOHINOOR MILLS (PVT) LIMTID SUBMITTED BY: MUHAMMAD ZAFAR Roll No. NUML2-14-010 BBA (Hons) SCM Session: from 2014 to 2018 Internship Report on KOHINOOR MILLS (PVT) LIMITED -4953001066800 National University of Modern Languages Faculty of Management and Science It is hereby […]

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In U.S. banks because they had to seek

In 2008, the U.S. experienced the most horrific economic downfall which trickled and affected Europe and China. According the Guardian it described the global crisis as, “the largest financial shock since the Great Depression” (Stewart, 2008). The financial crisis started in 2007 when the housing prices in the U.S. started to fall thus causing consumers […]

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