business should make ethical sense, but ethics can also make business sense. Johnson and Johnson, was caught out in two fronts, the first one was that during the manufacturing process of Talcum Powder, talc, a cancer causing agent mineral was added as one of many ingredients, and management knew all along, and decided not to tell anyone as long as they were not caught out, according to the Ring of Fire, Farron Cousins’s interview with attorney David Haynes.
Secondly there was a whole company effort marketing strategy to sell the poisoned product to the lower income people, which turns out to be African American and Latino community. This strategy came through the early ’90s, according the article, when sales of that product were falling they decided to specifically target African American and Latino women as a belief that they would get more sales.
Attorney David mentioned that from a consumer point of view information on the composition of ingredients of a product needs to be readily available on the packages so that families can make conscious decisions on whether to buy what seems to be a harmless product but has some hidden chemicals in them or not.


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