BUSINESS can be unofficial, personal and mostly verbal.


Large organization where there many people working closely create unofficial and informal channels of communication. What is this kind of communication knows as and what purpose does it serve in large organization? List different type’s communication along with drawbacks if any.ANS. INTRODUCTION:Communication can be classified according to the degree of ceremony or formality it has.

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Thus we can divide communication into two broad categories:Formal channel of communication ( official channel of communication )Informal channel of communication ( unofficial channel of communication)Formal channel of communication ( official channel of communication):Formal channel of communication usually is controlled by the people in position in authority of an organization. This channel is more effective in nature regarding growth in size of organization. In this channel, the rules are well laid .It prevents top level management to getting bogged with the irrelevant practical details of information.Informal channel of communication ( unofficial channel of communication): Informal channel of communication is also called as ‘Grapevine Communication’. Here grapevine indicates informal means of circulating information. Information can be unofficial, personal and mostly verbal. It is direct, flexible and according to pleasure.

Informal communication is a situation where people communicate with each other from any department and on any unofficial or mostly verbal topics. They can communicate with each other hourly or day after day in irrespective of their position or authority.EXAMPLES OF IMFORMAL OR GRAPEVINE COMMUNICATION:In an organization, a general manager call up an employee for some work regarding his job and the rumors is spread that the employee is going to be promoted.In landmark lifestyle ltd (car workshop) the monthly target has been achieved, employee spread the rumor that due to monthly target is achieved company is going to provide a bonus The informal communication is a part of organization process. Suitable simplification and right investigation of unofficial communication will us to increase organization efficiency.PURPOSE OF INFORMAL COMMUNICATION: The purpose of informal of communication in large organization includesIn large organization informal communication takes place for influencing and motivating other co worker.It also helps in resolving conflicts among the employees of the organization if any.It also develops personal contact and making friendship.

It shares information quickly.It supplements official channels.Searching escape from monotony of work, etc.

TYPES OF INFORMAL COMMUNICATION : Since informal channel of communication does not follow any schedule path or direction or operate by specific rules, like a grapevine it spreads in any direction.Bellow are some types of informal communicationGossip chainProbability chainSingle stand chainCluster chainGossip chain: In gossip chain one person passes the information to other person. A particular person know something specific that happens in organization to be very interesting. The person coveys this new to all member of the group and others too. Mostly this information is not official.Eg.

If two employees of the organization are in relationship and if a particular person gets the information he/she passes the information to a large no. of peopleProbability chain : In probability chain information is passed randomly from person to person. As if, one person passes information to his/her close once further that person passes information to their close once and the chain goes on. In probability chain the information is very interesting.

Single standard chain: In single standard chain, the information passes from one person to another. Another person passes it o third person. And the third person passes to forth person and the process carries on. A single standard chain is less dependable and precise.Cluster chain: In cluster chain, the only one person acts as a transmitter. An individual person transfer the information to the selected group of individuals.

And the some persons from that particular organization passes information to their selected groups and so on. Likewise information gets transmitted to all persons. This is a very ordinary processes of informal communication. DRAWBACKS :Lack of lack : In informal communication, there is no rules and regulation for interacting with each other. The employee of the organiasation can freely interact with each other.

Therefore there is lack of secrecy.disto


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