Burger more than 50 successful years. Burger king

Burger king are in our spotlight this week as we are analysing a local business each week. We have spoken to the HR advisor about the recruitment and selection process. Burger is a part of the restaurant sector. This sector is normally comprised of many business which offer a service producing food to customers which has been cooked the same day, mostly in fast paced manor and in a fast paced service. Every day, more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING Restaurants around the world. And they do so because their restaurants are known for serving high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. Founded in 1954, Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world.

The original home of the whopper, their commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years. Burger king is a private limited company since 2010 when they were bought by 3G capital, a global multi-million dollar investment firm focused on “long term value creation”. When a private company is limited by guarantee, it has members who act as its guarantors. These members contribute a previously agreed amount to support the company in times of trouble. Its main industry is the fast food industry, this industry is very competitive as each chain wants to deliver the very best and fast service to its customers. Burger King’s main competitors are McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s (in the US) and Taco bell (US also).Possibly Miss Millie’s as well (UK based). They are all competing for the best reputation and quality of food.

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Burger King Operates across the globe, which includes all 50 states in the US, and 60 countries around the world. As of 2018, Burger king has 30,300 employees.As of December 2016, it is reported that burger king has 15,738 branches in 100 countries worldwide.

Burger king is very well known for the burgers they make, especially the signature burger, the whopper. First introduced in 1957, the whopper has been a giant influence on Burger King and a huge success. It is renowned for the tomatoes, and lettuce that are mixed in with the burger and gherkin. As a fast food restaurant it is also notorious for a fast service. Why does Burger King need to recruit? __________________________________________________ So what is Workforce Planning?The theory of workforce planning is getting the right number of people that have the right skills, employed in the right place at the right time to deliver an organisations short and long term objectives.

This theory covers a diverse range of activities, such as succession planning, job design, and flexible working. Workforce planning should be linked to strategic business goals and viewed as an important part of the strategic business planning process. Why do burger King Recruit? Burger King has a recruitment system to make manage the employee’s applicants. A large corporation such as burger king must employee more people to constantly grow and expand. They normally employ people through an application process that describes themselves and experience they have had in the past, the best candidate will be chosen at the end of it. To save time, Burger King don’t normally do interviews as they can simply hire people quicker by doing this type of recruitment. Burger King needs to match the skills, knowledge and number of employees to their current and future needs. They must work out their needs, they need to review the number and skills of employees they have currently, what they think might happen in the future and the number that they will need in the later or near future.

If an employee leaves Burger King, they must make sure that they have got a replacement for the selected role. Otherwise the management would fall apart, and Burger King’s productivity may not be meeting their actual requirements. Burger king has to recruit as it is opening restaurants every week across the globe. They need the employ new staff to cater for their own needs of meeting fulfilments and productivity. However, the amount of staff needed in 2017 was surprisingly less as Technology is getting more advanced. The average employee can manage an entire drive through using special computer technology that puts the order through to the kitchen, and is ready in minutes. It takes less employees to manage multiple customers as the menu is computerised, and is just sent through to the other workers. In burger king the workers behind the counter have more time to work on other things as the menu is now computerised and digital, allowing customers to order and pay away from the counter.

This would have a potentially negative impact on recruiting employees who want to work at a local restaurant, as there a high chance a computer is already doing their job. Burger king’s performance normally spikes in the different seasons throughout the year. For example, around Christmas time Fortnite performs better as more people are out of the house shopping and do not cook at home as much, so burger king becomes a nearby pit stop for Christmas shoppers. This is why sales spike around Christmas. Around Halloween time, Burger king also releases a special spooky burger that is limited edition. More people are curious at the time and want to try it, so they get a spike in sales.

During seasonal events, and holidays, Burger King may have a temporary spike in employees because teenagers may want money for spending, so they may get a boost in recruitment to various restaurant. Burger King’s Recruitment and Selection Burger King identify vacancies because it ensure that they have the right staff for the job and not any random person, who may not do the job the same as the previous. Responsibilities may include meeting and greeting customers, taking food and drink orders, preparing food and drink orders, answering questions about menu, policy, and services, and providing excellent customer care.

Burger King Team members also assume the responsibility of maintaining a cleanly work environment. Training typically takes only a few days and involves visual and audio demonstration and instruction. During training, new-hire workers review and memorize menu, practice safe and sanitary food preparation, and receive orientation on how to handle certain situations with customers. Burger King Advertise internally and externally.

Burger king’s recruitment process allows anyone to join from recently left jobs, they also advertise vacancies on their online website. People who recently had previous employment in a fast food restaurant can apply for Burger King and get the same role. For example a manager who wasn’t needed at McDonald’s can try and find an open vacancy in Burger King and just start we he left off. Burger King also recruit members who want any open vacancy that is offered, and that apply for a basic role. They advertise this on their website, and in stores on large posters.


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