BULLYING of them in their usual routine

Another bullying case recorded as a Grade Five pupil of Atimonan Central Elementary School suffered from head injury after being hit by a rock by his classmate on August 30.
According to the report, the boys were identified as Jeff Jardinero, Jr. and Ysrael Uy. Both in Grade Five under the advisory of Mrs. Iluminada A. Abonal.

Both of them in their usual routine of playing and annoying each other while waiting for the “Buwan ng Wika” program that time.

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When one of the boys Uy continue to irritate Jardinero saying things against the latter, he didn’t hold back, got a rock and hit Uy right in his head.
Uy got few stitches on his head, his parents did not hesitate to have dialogue with the adviser and the principal.

“Niloloko po kasi nya ako palagi, diko na napigilan ang sarili ko!” Jardinero explained.

Because of the incident, Jardinero’s parents decided to transfer their son to other school so as not to create a bigger problem in the future.


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