Bullying the reality of our societies. It has

Bullying has affected the average kid or teenager in many negative ways for years now. Bullying has become a more aggressive way for one person to hurt another. There is more than one way to hurt someone, they do not have to attack them physically. Social media has become a mainstream path to allow bullying over a screen. Kids and teenagers in the past couple of decades are and have been exposed to the expectations and what has now become the reality of our societies. It has become a very big issue in the US, but the US is not the only country with technology and social media issues. South Korea has also had issues with social media, bullying, body image, and suicideBullying is a form of intimidation to hurt another person. The person that is bullying usually picks on someone who is weaker. Being weaker does not necessarily have to mean that they are physically weaker or smaller than the person. Being the ‘weaker person’ can mean not being as popular as the other person, or someone who is in a harder position than the other. Sometimes the bully is the person who is hurt in the first place and they are just trying to make themselves feel better. No matter what the circumstances are or what the reasoning behind it is, bullying is inexcusable. Bullying can take many forms, whether it be verbal, physical, or social. Bullying usually occurs while in school but unfortunately now with technology there is no limit as to where bullying can take place. It can follow a student back to their home. A home should be a safe place but that is no longer the case if the bully is able to access the kid on social media. Social media has not only become a place to embarrass and harass others, but it has also become a tactic to spread the image of what ‘beauty’ is. For many companies, the target audience has become teenagers. For a while, and still sometimes today, to be thin is to be beautiful in the eyes of underage girls. Underage boys have also had to deal with the pressure of have to ‘look good enough’ by being muscular. These ideas have allowed the opportunity for bullies to shame others for their body and what they look like. It does not come to a surprise that being a bully and being bullied can cause psychological problems in the long term. Common psychological issues that may be caused by bullying, social media, and body image is depression and eating disorders. For some people, it can even go as far as suicidal thoughts and feelings. Over time, campaigns, posters, and movies have been made to spread awareness because of how serious and detrimental the effects of bullying have been on teenagers. The rates of suicide and mental illnesses have shot through the roof as bullying has become more common in many countries.


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