Britishness characteristics or claimed merits that distinguish

Britishness has been argued by scholars that the concept of Britishness is both a controversial and a problematic concept. Britishness is defined in the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Thesaurus as” The quality of being British or of having characteristics regarded as typically British”.

Britishness is to have certain characteristics or claimed merits that distinguish the British people and others depending on their unity and identity and the expressions of British culture—such as habits, behaviours, or symbols that have been shared, acquainted or iconic qualities readily recognizable with the United Kingdom. .Britishness can also be defined with either contrasting or in accumulating to feel as Scottish, Welsh, English or Northern Irish (Britishness 1 ).1.3.3 Views about BritishnessThe concept of Britishness is interpreted in various ways by differentscholars, historiansartists, writers while they are responding the question of “what does mean to be British? In interviews by Hannah, Pooletal entitled ‘Defining the nation’ – Quotes on Britishnessthat The Guardian published on 20th January 1999.

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David Cannadine, a British author and historian,states that :Britishness is a complicated and enormous thing – what different people see as meaning different things. It can mean one island, a group of islands off the coast of Europe, or it can mean the British Empire – at times it means all those things. Politicians, and the rest of us, define it in different ways at different times (1).Tracey Emin, an artist, claims that “It’s a good time to be British, especially for an artist. I wouldn’t say I’m proud to be British, stylish people laughing” (2).

Michael Ignatieff, writer and broadcaster interested in issues including nationalism comments thatIf Britishness is about anything it is not about places or people, it is about institutions. Britishness is parliamentary democracy, rule of law, fairness and decency. It is the institutions that deliver this. It is not black, it is not white, it is not the shires, it is not London, it is not brassy and it is not old-fashioned (1).


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