Bristol, Caro, Mangaliman and Bernarte (2016) defined

Bristol, Caro, Mangaliman and Bernarte (2016) defined media dependency as a phenomenon that occurs when people expose heavily on the use of media.

To explain such dependency, classical theorists believed that human has these natural needs of socializing with his/her fellow men as this aspect is ranked high on his Hierarchy of Needs model (Maslow, 1943 as cited by Kardkar, 2015). Facebook is one of these popular entities that had already established its presence of communication on a daily basis (Poh, n.d.). Having a majority of the entire population using the social media site, it is believed that Facebook is being used primarily to gain more connections with others (Austin, 2012).Facebook users can create and like posts about anything (Poh, n.d.

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). With such benefits, social media continuously develop the concept of human interaction. However, users are also exposing themselves to different threats through an easier method (Duque, 2014). Trapp (2016) believes that Facebook both have positive and negative qualities.The freedom and power Facebook grants its users may lead to its abuse (Austin, 2012).

People may have this rush of superiority that would feel like taking a drug becoming addicted to it (Rappler, 2018). In just sharing one’s lifestyle through his/her posts, a person could have let himself to unfiltered and harsh comments made by critics (Austin, 2012). As a result, of the negative consequence cyber bullying will take place. The number of victims by such crime is continually increasing (Duque, 2014).

Through a study, it has determined that users may develop anti-social behaviors, mania and aggressive tendencies (Trapp, 2016). In relation to this, the research of Healthsite (2015) did reveal that users are enjoying connecting with other people however they may feel inferior. Thus, these people feel the need to create an identity that may completely be unparalleled to their true personalities.

In such motivating emotions, one would always have the desire to spend an amount of time on Facebook (Ressa, 2014).On a specific context, students utilize the advantages of Facebook but in an uncontrolled way. Therefore, the negative effect of such behavior will be reflected on how they perform at their classes (Dela Peña, 2012). With the same concept, a research has been conducted on a local college. One of its objective has been established when the data gathered had shown that more than half of the respondents still manages to maintain a satisfactory set of grades however there is still a significant percentage of students which failed to do so (Tamayo and Dela Cruz, 2014).

This had made way for certain queries to arise through gathered inspirations from such guide studies. One of the formulated from these: what is the most common reasons why students of a technological college uses social media like Facebook in a personal context and what it its relation to their academic performance. Bristol, et al (2016) concluded, on a research, that this could range from keeping in touch with relatives to habit and entertainment.


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