Bringing about overall job satisfaction and keeping motivation

Bringing your team’s skills and knowledge together and using them in the most productive way will enable the team to achieve success.

A good manager will be able to not just oversea their team’s work but involve everyone, encourage creativity and use people’s individual skill sets to the team’s advantage. Doing so will help the team to feel valued, bringing about overall job satisfaction and keeping motivation high and produce results. Setting the team and individuals clear SMART objectives will help keep everyone focused on the end goal and help them to be clear on what’s expected as well as the result.It may be that certain tasks could be rolled out to individuals to enhance and broaden their own development potential. If you’ve noticed that a team member has the potential to shine and run with a project or task it’s about allowing them that opportunity to grow and not holding them back by not just allocating the task to someone you know will deliver. With the right guidance and objective setting you can find new ways to enrich team members and take pride in their development.

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This will link in to performance reviews, it will help individuals focus on the future and keep them motivated. Reviewing team tasks even if they didn’t go so well will allow time for reflection, improvement and growth. Individuals can learn from any mistakes or a task that may not have gone so well and strive to make improvements. Not allowing your team this opportunity will make them feel de-valued and lead to motivation and moral sinking.


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