Brianna instruments such as the electric guitar and

Brianna Olivares
Professor Martinez
ENGL 1314-0001
4 February 2018
Technology and Music
Technology has brought many advantageous opportunities to the music industry in the area of production and distribution. Besides popular and valuable instruments such as the electric guitar and the synthesizer, technology has brought us new production equipment’s such as high-fidelity microphones, re-mastering equipment’s and CD-ROMs that provide us with a crystal clear sound of the recording. The development of these equipment’s has allowed the audience to experience a higher quality of sound coming from both live concerts and recordings.

Easiness of transportation that came along with the technological developments in the sector, has allowed the record labels to distribute music all around the world. During the 1950s turbojet engines were cleared for civilian use, and with new civil jet-engine cargo aircraft distribution of almost any item became easier and faster than ever before. The evolution of the computer and the Internet was also a great distribution advantage for the music industry and should not be underestimated. New sound formats, such as the MP3, have made music distribution easier. Companies could now provide selling licenses to companies that would allow users to download certain songs from the Internet at a very high speed. The music industry also got many opportunities for advertisements since they were now not limited to billboards, TV and radio. Many companies can now promote their records by playing a preview for the user, on certain websites.

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