Brexit is one of the important political

Brexit is one of the important political decisions which has taken place in the last few years, and for many leading companies it is going to be a struggle, on whether or not their business can run the same way it used to. A report written by The Guardian, explains how the government believe they need to put the car industry at the centre of the brexit decision, as it could result in thousands of people losing their jobs and the risk of a huge loss in a huge million pound investment. The success of the car manufacturer in the UK, will depend on how the government believe they can keep a secure relationship with the existing EU regulatory and the trading framework. The car industry heavily relies on exports from trading EU companies, around ‘80% of cars from the UK production lines are destined for overseas markets and 56% of auto exports are heading to EU countries, it has also been estimate from the society of motor manufacturers that a loss of £4.5bn, will happen when trade barriers are introduced.


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