Bottle consume around eight to twelve cups

Bottle Water vs. Tap Water
Water is the most essential thing of human life. We need water for survival. In fact, human body comprised of 75% of water. We need to consume around eight to twelve cups of water per day to makeup the water we lose throughout breathing and sweating. A lot of source comes up in our mind when we are talking about water, but what type of water will do the best for us? The biggest argument is bottled water versus tap water. Many people in the world today are switching from drinking tap water to bottled water. The logos is they expect that bottled water is clean and fresh water and taken from mountain springs, as is often depicted on the bottles. Yet, what they are actually getting is just treated tap water most of the time. Therefore, next time you need a drink, you just need to head for the tap!
All of us cannot deny that bottled water is one of the most convenient beverage. However, bottle water still has many disadvantages to be aware of. Most popular disadvantage is the plastic bottle. Most of the time, plastic containers have chemicals which can seep into the water and leads to different types of cancer. Dangerous hormone, such as disrupting phthalates leaks into the bottled water we drink within weeks of storage and much faster if the bottled water is left in the sun, such as the bottled water sits in your car right now. Over 1.5 billion tons of plastic water bottle goes into our landfills each year. We always think that all of them can be recycled. Eighty percent of the water bottles do not get recycled. Instead they end up in landfills, and it takes over 300 years for plastic to degrade. The plastic leaks pthalates and other synthetic chemicals into the groundwater, which ends up in our tap water. Moreover, massive amounts of fossil fuels are used to make, store, transport, and deliver bottled water. You can simply say “No” to bottled water if you value our natural resources.
Unlike to bottled water, tap water is better for the environment. That is one of the most popular reasons people are going back to the tap. We are not only keeping those plastic bottles out of the landfill, but we are also saving the energy it takes to make or recycle them. It is also cheaper than bottled water. We are all looking for simple ways to save money. Tap water costs cents for a gallon, even when you consider the cost of your re-usable water bottle. Gallon of bottled water costs at least ten times more than tap water. It is also just so good for you. In fact, tap water is carefully and rigorously screened for contaminants. Nobody knows what might be lurking in our bottled water as according to Weisser: “But as medical researchers know, nothing can really be “proved safe.” One can only fail to turn up significant risk after trying hard to find it” (Weisser, 640). Lastly, bottled water must be purchased and stored, and lugged out of the trunk of your car into the pantry. Tap water is easy to use. You just need to grab our re-usable water bottle, turn on the faucet, and go. It is so convenient!
Tap water is just as pure as bottled water. Moreover, when we drink it, we do our part to help saving our planet. So, do not throw out those old water bottles, reuse them again, and then recycle them. The best way is buying a sturdy water bottle that can be easily refilled indefinitely. According to Christian R. Weisser: “A truly sustainable civilization would have little or no waste, and each turn of the industrial cycle would become the material for the next cycle”. We will be happy with what we did.


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