Both semester system. They divided the year for

Both high school and college have the same terms of classes structure, calendar, and activities.First, high school and college are the same. So, they used the same classes structure.both high school and college divide the year for two grading period by semester system.

They divided the year for two grading period to motivate student to continue college educators teach style much like high school. For example, they both have educators, reading material, tests, homework, and obviously the feared last test of the years.Calendar: Second, the calendar in high school is similarly to college.Vacation in high school likewise college, such as summer vacation, winter vacation, and spring vacation.High school and college are equal in weekend days, such as Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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Finally, high school and college have common exiting activities.High school contains a lot of amusing events and activities the same way in college, such as produce new papers and literary magazine. Also, join clubs is good method to meet friends.High school and college equally celebrating the summer. After the semester done student celebrating.You can see that classes structure, timetable, and exercises not only in high school but also in college.


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