Books that it is okay to let go

Books have the power to turn us into better people. A Monster Calls is my illustration of such a book.

It shaped me into the compassionate, caring person I am today. I had never emotionally connected myself to a book before, rereading the last chapter over and over again, sobbing every time. This award winning story written by Patrick Ness, is about a young boy, Connor, who is dealing with his mom having cancer, with little family living near him. He learns that it is okay to let go of his pain. The compelling book taught me to understand one’s suffering. Having a cousin who’s mom died after his first birthday showed me the power of the book to understand the loss that he had suffered.

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After reading this book, I learned that comfort and support can make all the difference to an individual’s healing. Recognizing the importance of my family nowThis book has taught me three things in life; understand the loss my cousin had suffered from, cherish every moment with my mom, and that


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