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Booker T. Washington as a Leader As Booker T. Washington once said, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.

” The obstacles that he has overcome are the ones that people are afraid to even think about. He was the man who changed the game not only for the African community but the White citizens. Which is why I consider him one of the most influential Black leaders of his time. As a leader the most important thing is to get the most amount of people on your side and then go from there and that is what he did, reaching out to both colors. Washington was able to connect to his audience, which is why people trusted him. This trust was the first thing he needed to start his journey as an educator.

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Which would later help him in his career as a professor but in 1895 it was a necessity that not everyone had. According to Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia, Booker T. Washington was a persuasive speaker allowing him to be successful at grabbing the attention of his students and audiences during his speeches.He was the man who said that even if there is segregation in the country White and Black can be part of a society together. Separate yet one, this would still give the White community a sense of power but it also allowed the African Americans to have some type of freedom. Change was being brought and a lot of people did not like it but since Booker T.

Washington was such a powerful Black leader the public was aboard with the plan.Not only was Booker T. Washington a civil leader but he was a professor at his college, Tuskegee Institute. In order to be successful in either one of those occupations you must demand things to be done. While he was working at his Institute he ordered the African Americans to have an education and a self uplift. In addition to that he made sure that his students were skilled workers. (New York: Oxford University Press) This was because he wanted to show the Whites that as long as both sides work hard and don’t bother each other than there will be some sort of peace in society.

In the article of Booker T. Washington it states that he would tell his students that there will be economic success for African Americans but it will not happen overnight. (Booker T. Washington Biography) With that being said it shows readers that he was an individual who shared hope but even when there was hope he made sure that he tells his audience that it will take time, due to the circumstances.The man who was invited to speak at an all White southern conference, the man who had the courage to find a line in the middle of what people have been fighting about, a gentleman who was given an Institute and was labeled as its first president.

This person was Booker T. Washington, his words inspired so many people of different colors. With the change he brought, power came, which why I consider him one of the most important people in African American history.


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