Book Tales from the Not-so Graceful Ice Princess

Book name :The dork diaries -The skating sensation Author : Rachael Renee Russell . The dork diaries which is the fictional book of Rachael Renee Russell who written this book in a diary format with full of drawings , doodles and with the comical terms. It reflects her personal experience with her children .Though it is the children’s book it mesmerizes the younger too, which is the series Tales from the Not-so Graceful Ice Princess ,the scatting sensation personally touches my heart because Nikki Maxwell who is the main character ,16years old girl who is extremely bad in math like me. Brianna who is the youngest sister of Nikki always put her older sister in trouble.

She is in the dork group accompanied with Chloe and Zoey who accepts the challenges put their full hard work to succeed. The dorks make the best BFFs. In their school there is an ice skating competition to help the charities with the winning amounts .

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Mackenzie who is one of the most famous and talented girl in their school hates the dork group and insults them. Brandon who is the crush of both Nikki and Mackenzie but he shows his interest for Nikki. He lost his parents in his childhood so he is living with his grandparents ,They run a animal shelter to help the animals especially for the adorable puppies. Brandon told Nikki that he is sad about closing down the shelter and then the animals became homeless. In this toughest situation Nikki, Chloe and Zoey decided to help him in participating in the Ice skating competition ,accept as a challenge even though Nikki doesn’t know anything about skating she hopes and work hard to win the prize amount for Brandon.

It reveals the inner feelings and caring of the friend for her lovable person. However Mackenzie who interferes in the competition with her talents. Nikki boldly faces all her ups and downs , tries to overcome from her inferiority complex and she highly motivated by her BFFs .The dork group fortunately get rid of Mackenzie’s cunnings later they rise their hope to participate . In this book the intimacy of love between the friendship ,the caring and the courageous mind got victory by overcoming all the problems.

Though it is the children’s book it inspires me that how Rachel moves the story with interesting mode and makes the reader to love her book. Here Nikki who is the perfect example of courage and sacrifice at the young age motivates the readers to learn new hopes from her, she desperately put her hard work to help for Brandon her friend and for his puppies in the shelter . At last with great difficulties Nikki, Chloe and Zoey win the Ice skating competition and proved their dignity and win the prize amount help Brandon’s animal shelter to stay forever.


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