Bluebeard tales or fairy tales which contains violence

Bluebeard Crisis: Serial Killers in Fairy Tales INTRODUCTION:Violence in the Fairy Tales Sincechildhood, we have heard many different fairy tales which are full of fantasiesand miracles.

Most of the fairy tales we know nowadays have the similar plot,such as prince and princess have overcome many difficulties and finally reach ahappy ending at the end of the story. The story of saving the damsel indistress from a bad guy mostly appears in the fairy tales that are widelyspread such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel. One ofthe reasons of spreading of these fairy tales are brought out by Disney’sanimated movies, the popularity of these movies among the animated movies hadshown that many people were fascinated by these princes and princesses fairytales. However, these movies might have misled people about the element offairy tales. In fact, fairy tales might contain violence and immoralperspective which are not suitable for children. Not all fairy tales have ahappy ending or without sacrifice. Due to the acceptance of the target reader,there are many folk tales or fairy tales which contains violence and negativescenes are forbidden to publish in children’s storybooks and picture books.

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Among these fairy tales, the serial killer is one of the most common issues ofviolence. Bluebeard, a fairy tale which is not well known by people, is a storythat contains violence such as murder and abuse. Surprisingly, there are manyfairy tales share a highly similar storyline with Bluebeard. Therefore, in thisresearch, we will dig into the violence and redefine the use of fairy tales byresearching the serial killers in the “Bluebeard” type stories such asBluebeard by Charles Perrault, The White Dove by Gaston Maugard, Fitcher’s Birdand The Robber Bridegroom by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Thisthesis is mainly separated into four chapters. In the first chapter, there willbe a brief summary of the stories of the “Bluebeard” type fairy tales and theanalysis of the identities and characteristics of the serial killers in thestories. Next chapter, we will talk about the roles of the serial killer in thestories and the common moral lessons of the fairy tales.

In the third chapter,we will try to find the origin of the Bluebeard stories by researching Gillesde Rais, who is most believed as an original of Bluebeard. In the end, this thesiswill be ended by our conclusion of this research.CHAPTER1WHOARE THEY? : Serial Killers in the Fairy Tales Nobleman– Bluebeard by Charles PerraultBluebeard,a nobleman who owns a rich prosperity, who had married for many times, wants tomarry a young girl. He marries the younger daughter of a noble lady who thinkshe was a civil gentleman.

Before he went out, he gave his wife a bunch of keysand warned her not to unlock the forbidden room. She promised Bluebeard.However, due to the curiosity, she unlocks the forbidden room with the key andfound the dead body of his six late wives inside.

Her betrayal makes Bluebeardangry and wants to kill her. She called her brothers for help. Finally,Bluebeard died under her brother’s sword and she gained all of his prosperity. Hunter– The White Dove by Gaston MaugardAprincess had refused all marriage proposal and sworn not to marry a man whounless he has a bluebeard. One day, a hunter, a giant who has a bluebeard cometo palace.

The princess was agreed to marry him. Before the princess leaves herhome, her mother gives her three doves, the black dove, the white dove and thered dove. Each dove represented a different message, red represents she wasliving happily with her husband; white dove means she was ill; black shows thatshe was in the bad situation. One day, the hunter lent his wife a bunch of keysbefore he leaves. There were nine keys and every key has their own respectedchamber. However, the hunter forbids her to open the ninth chamber. The curiousprincess ignored her husband’s words and opened the last chamber. Inside thechamber, she saw a bloody basin and eight women dead bodies hanging inside theroom.

The hunter found out that she had discovered the dead bodies and decidedto kill her. The princess sent out the black dove to get help. Two knights hadcome to the hunter’s house in the nick of time. After having dinner, the hunterfell asleep and being killed by the knights. Sorcerer– Fitcher’s Bird by Jacob and Wilhelm GrimmA sorcererdressed himself as a beggar to cheat and capture young girls. Firstly, hecaught the oldest daughter of a man. He lures her to stay with him by givingeverything she wants. After a few days, he gives her a bunch of keys and anegg.

He told her that she can walk in everywhere except the forbidden room andtake care of the egg. However, the oldest daughter curious about that room andunlocked with the key. Inside the room, she saw the parts of the girls’ deadbodies. She was killed when the sorcerer found out she broke the promise.

Thesecond daughter also killed in the same way. Finally, the third sister wascaptured by the sorcerer. She also found out the secret behind the forbiddenroom, but she rescued her sisters and passed the test given by the sorcerer. Thesorcerer was tricked by the third daughter and finally burned to death by thedaughter’s family members. Robber– The Robber Bridegroom by Jacob and Wilhelm GrimmOneday, a beautiful daughter of a miller was engaged with a rich suitor. Beforethe wedding, the bridegroom invited his bride to his house in the dark forest.The bride scare of him but she still went to his house. Along the path, shemarked the way with peas and lentils.

She heard a voice, warning and tellingher that she is in the murderer’s house. She met an old woman and realized herfuture husband is a robber and cannibal. The bride escaped the house with theold woman’s help.

She brings back a finger of a young girl murdered by therobbers. During the wedding day, she tells the guests what she saw in herbridegroom’s house and the finger she took back is the evidence. At the end,the robber bridegroom and his accomplice were executed. Whoare the serial killers? The serial killers we listed have a variety ofidentities such as nobleman, hunter, sorcerer, and robber. From the storieslisted above, we noticed that even the serial killers have different identitiesand social status in their stories, they share some common characteristics,like man and husband. In Bluebeard from Perrault, White Dove from Maugard,Fitcher’s Bird and The Robber Bridegroom from Grimm Brother’s Children andHousehold Tales, the main male character in the story plays the role of aserial killer.

In the story of Bluebeard, Bluebeard, a nobleman who owns a hugeprosperity, murdered his wife when he found out his wife had discovered hissecret of the forbidden room during his leave. After his wife’s died, he willcontinue to marry other women and give them the same trial. Bluebeard keptdoing the same thing without noticed by others and similar tragedy falls on hisnew-married wives until his crime was discovered by the younger sister of thenoble women, his seventh wife, and killed by her brothers. In Maugard’s WhiteDove, the hunter, a giant also had a bluebeard, married the princess. Before heleaves, he gives his wife a bunch of keys and forbids her not to open the lastchamber, the forbidden ninth chamber. However, similar to Bluebeard story, thecurious wife found out the women corpses in the forbidden chamber and finally,the hunter was killed by the knights. The story of Fitcher’s Bird is almostsimilar with Bluebeard, the young girl was given a test in order to gain thesorcerer’s trust before they get married.

Same as Bluebeard, the oldestdaughter’s curiosity drives her to open the forbidden room and her body wasseparated into pieces by the sorcerer. The second daughter also encountered thesame tragedy until the last daughter come to save them. The Robber Bridegroomhas a different plot with the three stories above. However, the main malecharacter of this story also acts the role of a serial killer. The robberpretended as a gentleman suitor who wants to marry the beautiful daughter, butactually, he wants to rob the girl’s property. He is a serial killer andcannibal who will murder and eat the bride after he gains what he desires.

These “Bluebeard” serial killers were murdering the innocent young girlsunstoppable until their crime discovered and been killed.Fromthe different identities and social status of the serial killers, the reasonfor the killing of the serial killers is also different. The nobleman inPerrault’s Bluebeard wants to marry a girl who does not afraid of his uglybluebeard at the beginning of the story. However, from the trial that he gaveto his young wife, we can know that he does not trust his wife.

The acting ofmurdering his wives and keeping the corpses in a secret room seems the noblemanhas some mental or psychological problem. This situation also happens on thehunter in The White Dove and the sorcerer in Fitcher’s Bird. The reasons forthe habit of testing and killing their newly-wedding wife are still remainingmystery. There are some people also believes that the prosperity of Bluebeardcomes from the property of his late wives.

The property of the young wife isone of the reasons some people believe as the motive of serial killers’crime.  However, even though many”bluebeard” type stories do not directly show the reason for murdering a younggirl, there are some stories explained the reasons for a man being a serialkiller. The reason for murdering the new married wife in Grimms’ The RobberBridegroom is obvious when the stories come to the middle part. The young bridesaw the misfortune encountered by the other young girl in her bridegroom’shouse. Her bridegroom, who actually is a robber, defraud the family who has adaughter. After the wedding, the robber kills his bride and seize her property.

Besides that, her robber bridegroom and his brothers are cannibals who like toeat a human.Otherthan the habit of giving trial and murdering to their wives, the serial killersare good in distinguishing themselves. The nobleman of Perrault’s Bluebeardhides his freaking habits and shows only his wealth before he marries his wife.The manners of the bluebeard successfully cheated the young daughter. Thehunter in Maugard’s The White Dove does not distinguish himself too much of hisappearance, but he owns a castle and treasures, which is not suited to hishunter’s identity and social status.

The camouflage of the sorcerer inFitcher’s Bird is a beggar. The sorcerer takes advantages of the daughters’sympathy and kindness by dressing a beggar who needs food and help. In TheRobber Bridegroom, the robber distinguished himself as a rich suitor in orderto gain the young bride and her family trust. Even the murderers do notdistinguish themselves in the same way, their fake appearance and manners aremore useful than we think. Their camouflage is their most important way for theserial killers to draw their victims, the young girls’ attention.

Throughthe four stories we mentioned at first, the serial killer is a fixedcharacteristic of most ‘bluebeard’ type stories. Besides these four stories, thereare still many ‘bluebeard’ type fairy tales or folk stories such as The Cobblerand His Three Daughters, How The Devil Married Three Sister, and The Hare’sBride. These stories might only share some common element of ‘bluebeard’stories, but we can easily found out the features like a serial killer, marringa young girl, or the dead bodies of women inside the forbidden room in thestory plot. However, there are also other serial killers appeared in otherfairy tales and folk tales which are not included as “Bluebeard” type storiessuch as the wolf in The Little Red Riding Hood, the witch in the Hansel andGretel, the king Shahryar in the Arabian Nights, also called as One Thousandand One Nights.? CHAPTER2WHYARE THEY IN THE FAIRY TALES? : Roles of Serial Killers in the Stories In thepast, folk stories and fairy tales had played the role as an impressed and interestingway to teach children moral lessons. In the “Bluebeard” type stories, serialkiller is an important features to present those immoral and violence in thestory. Through these four similar stories, the serial killer characters havebrought out some negative elements such as murderer husband, curiosity of awoman, domestic abuse, and bewitchment of appearance.  First,every stories we had researched have an obvious element, the murderer husband.

Themurderer husband is the one of the most impressed part of the “Bluebeard” typestories. Before the secret behind the door was discovered, we thinks that theyoung girl has married a good man and she will has a “happy ever forever”ending because her husband is rich and treat her good. It is surprise when theyoung wife saw the dead body of other women inside the forbidden room. Next, curiosityof a woman is one of the special features in “Bluebeard” type stories. Theyoung wife in the stories was warned not to open the forbidden room even theyhave the key before their husband leave, but the curiosity of the woman drawsthem to break the promise they had made. Domestic abuse are one of the commonviolence in the fairy tales and folk tales. The domestic abuse in other storiessuch as Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and Snow White does not have any death ofpeople.

However, the domestic abuse in “Bluebeard” type stories are moreserious. There are more than two people were killed in the stories, even theirdead bodies are not settled properly. The last negative elements are the bewitchmentof appearance.

Every serial killer are good in distinguish themselves and theyoung girl and her family have a deep trust on their fake identity.


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