Between easier and can bring more with

Between dirt bikes and 4 wheelers I would pick dirt bikes .

i say that because they can be a lot more fun than a 4 wheeler. Well that’s my opinion. Dirt bikes are lightweight, built with special tires and stiff suspension to navigate hilly, rough terrain in all types of weather.

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Dirt bikes can ride on single tracks. When you are traveling with dirt bikes it’s easier and can bring more with you. jumping an ATV is nothing like jumping a lightweight dirt bike.A dirt bike is much faster than an ATV as well. Dirt bikes even cost less then a 4 wheelers. Dirt bikes are safer. ATV gives the rider a false sense of security.

The 1,000 pound ATV is hazardous in a wreck because it often rolls over the rider.The fact is that dirt bikes are a far better adrenaline sport than ATVs. ATVs can certainly be ridden hard. A dirt bike can take you more places.


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