Besides mid-sixteenth century Christopher Wren, the famous english

Besides Turkish baths, English tried to find new ideas in various areas of Turkish architecture on the Ottoman lands and they tried to get started with some of these ideas.

In the mid-sixteenth century Christopher Wren, the famous english architect, for himself, wanted Dudley North who lived in ?stanbul to learn about the construction technique of the Turks, especially mosque domes. Even though Christopher Wren wanted to use the information North gathered for construction of St. Pauls Church’s dome, He didn’t find the information sufficient. In the book which was published by James Elmes was quoted from the writings of Christopher Wren and James Elmes reflected that the domes which started with Hagia Sofia was built monumentally in ?stanbul and east countries and also he introduced about some of its structured analysis.Quoted from John Evelyn’s diary, Elmes mentioned that Christopher Wren, Sir John Hoskyns and John Evelyn, the members of Royal Society, visited to get information about oriental architecture and dome making from Sir John Chardin, settled in England and the famous with memories and observations about east. Sir Chardin welcomed them with orient clothes, However, he talked about constructions of Greek and Rome rather than constructions of the Turks.

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Later on, Sir John Evelyn, in his book, wrote down that the doem built in Hagia Sofia had been developed by the Turks afterwards. In the eighteenth century , the Turkish architecture had been adopted as a plan rather than technical, and it became the main topic of Rokoko period.


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