Benefits brain cells. 6. Almond seed nuts are

Benefits of Almonds in Daily Life Routine (Badam Khany ke Fawaid)Almonds are the very common dry fruit nuts. These are the rich source of various kinds of vitamins and proteins, minerals and fiber. Almonds are not nut specific. This dry fruit also considered as the oldest fruit item in the world. The main cultivating source of the Nuts is the Middle East, North African and India as well.

These were first domesticated almost 3000 BC.Almonds Contain the Following as Per Daily Intakes• Fiber: 3.0 to 3.

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5 grams• Protein: 5 to 6 grams• Fat: 10 to 14 grams • Vitamin E: 38% of the Daily Intake• Manganese Supplements: 33% of the Daily Intake • Magnesium Supplements: 22% of the Daily IntakeBenefits of Taking 8 Almonds Nuts Daily1. Taking Almonds in the Morning make blood pressure level not only lower but keep it to maintain its level constant with its certain natural ingredients.2.

Almonds are very much beneficial for stomach diseases. Taking almond nuts in the breakfast make the stomach stronger and get rid of the other digestive e problems.3. Almond nuts are also very much effective to keep heart healthy and maintained. Taking the almonds in the morning reduces the risk of heart stroke4. Nuts are also helpful to reduce the extra fats from the body. Start Taking Almonds before breakfast if facing the rapid increase in weight.

5. Almonds are effective in mental health, especially for the students. Almonds supervise the mental health and make the brain stronger to respond. As they are rich in vitamin-B6 which aids to restore the brain cells.

6. Almond seed nuts are also beneficial if facing the tiredness. Make it a daily routine habit of easting a certain amount for effective results. This will make body active. 7. Almonds are rich in fiber which is helping to remove chronic constipation. Moreover, these are also beneficial in eradicating colon cancer.

8. It also controls the birth deficiencies from the women. As the nuts are rich in the folic acid which naturally restores the health of tissues.9. An almond also works better for skin purification. As the almonds are rich in vitamin-E which is the good shield from Sun Exposure and remove the acne dark circles as well. 10.

Make a necessary part of eating in the winter season if you have the joints problem. 11. Almond oil is also very effective for mental health and firmness. Home Remedies for Male Health and ED ProblemsIf you are facing the problem regarding tiredness and ed male problem. I will guide you with the use of almonds.1.

Take 7 almond nuts seed and boil in the water for five minutes. After performing the task keep them till morning this will make the nuts softer and easy to eat. Eat those nuts in the morning daily.

This will completely remove your ed and other sexual problem.2. The Second Home Remedy is almond milk associated with male sexual health. Take the 10 nuts seeds and keep them in the water till morning. In the morning take all nut seeds and crush them and mix with one glass hot milk.

Take it daily for 10 days for effective results. 3. The Third Remedy is very effective to take the One TB Spoon Almond oil with Olive Oil and mixed them. Massage mildly the specific area (Male organ) for one month before going to sleep for incredible results in male enhancement.


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