BASF responsible for establishing a gas factories and

BASF (   Badschhe   Anilin   – und Soda –   Fabrik)   , or, in English, Baden Aniline and Soda Factory) was founded on April 6, 1865 at     Mannheim , in a German-speaking country in Indonesia     Baden    by     Friedrich   Engelhorn  .   It has been responsible for establishing a     gas factories     and street lighting for the city council in 1861. The work of the gas produced     ter     as a by-product, and   Engelhorn   use this for production     dye   .   BASF was founded in 1865 to manufacture other chemicals necessary for the production of dyes, especially soda and acid.   The plant is installed on the other side     Rhine     river in     Ludwigshafen     because the Mannheim city council is afraid the air pollution of the chemical plant may disrupt the city’s population.   In 1866 the dye production process was also transferred to the BASF site.

 BASF   is one   the leading chemical company in Germany all at once     the largest chemical producer in the world .  BASF Group has several     subsidiary     and     joint ventures     in more than 80 countries and operates in six integrated production sites and 390 other production sites in europe, asia, australia, america and africa.     The company is headquartered in at     Ludwigshafen ,     German   .   BASF has customers in more than 190 countries and supplies products to various industries.   Despite its global size and presence, BASF has received little public attention for abandoning the manufacturing and sales of the BASF brand    consumer electronics     products in the 1990s.

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By the end of 2015, the company employs more than 122,000 people, of which more than 52,800 in Germany .   Inthe same year , BASF has booked a selling of € 70.4 billion with operating income onal for € 6.7 billion.

   S aat this,the company is developing its international activities with a particular focus on Asia.   Between 1990 and 2005, the company invested € 5.6 billion in Asia, for example in nearby locations     Nanjing     and     Shanghai in China and    Mangalore     in India.BASF is listed on     Frankfurt Stock Exchange ,     London Stock Exchange   , and     Zurich Stock Exchange   .

  The company sucks us     ADR (American Depository Receipt )     from     New York Stock Exchange     in September 2007. The company is a component of     Euro   Stoxx   50     index of the stock market   .   7   8 Discovery in 1857 by     William Henry Perkin     that     aniline     can be used to create   substance   that dye  intense   has led to the commercial production of synthetic dyes in the UK from aniline extracted from coal tar.  BASF was recruited     Heinrich Caro   , a German chemist who has the experience of dye industry in England, became the first head of research.

   10     Caro developed the synthesis for     alizarin     (natural pigment at    madder   ), and submitted a British patent application on June 25, 1869. Perkin coincidentally filed a similar patenton June 26, 1869, and the two companies made a joint commercial agreement on the process.   9Further patents are given for synthesis     methylene blue     and     eosin   , and in 1880 the study began trying to find a synthetic process     indigo dyes   , although this was not successfully brought into the market until 1897. In 1901, about 80% of BASF’s production was dye.   9In 1968 BASF (along with     Bayer AG   ) bought a German coating company     Herbol   .   BASF is fully taking over   branch   Herbol   in Indonesia     Cologne     and     Würzburg     in 1970. Under the new management, the extension and extension of the trademark continues.   After   reorganization   extensive   and an increasing international orientation of the coating business   Herbol   became part of the newly founded Deco GmbH in 1997.

In 1999 BASF Europe’s coating business was taken over by     AkzoNobel   .   On May 30, 2006, BASF purchased    Engelhard     Corporation for $ 4.8 billion.   This takeover is the biggest takeover in the company’s history.   BASF is the largest producer in the world     catalytic converter   .      reference?   Another acquisition in 2006 was the purchase of Johnson Polymer and the construction chemicals business    Degussa   .

The acquisition of Johnson Polymer was completed on July 1, 2006. The purchase price is $ 470 million on a cash basis and is debt free.   It provides BASF with various water based     resin     which complements the high solids portfolio and UV resin for coating and paint industries and strengthens the company’s market presence, especially in North America.Also on July 1, 2006, the acquisition of the construction chemicals business Degussa AG was completed.   The purchase price for equities is just under € 2.

2 billion.   In addition, the transaction is associated with a debt of € 500 million.The Company agreed to acquire     Ciba     (formerly part of     Ciba-Geigy   ) in September 2008.

   16     Theproposed deal has been reviewed by     European Commissioner for the Competition   .   On April 9, 2009, the acquisition was officially completed.   17   18On December 19, 2008, BASF acquired   Whitmire   Micro-Gen   based in the US   along with   Sorex   Ltd. who  based in the UK   ,   Widnes   , Great Britain.   19     Sorex   is a manufacturer of chemical and non-chemical branded products for the management of professional pests.   In March 2007   Sorex   put up for sale at a price of around £ 100 million.   20In May 2015, BASF agreed to sell a portion of its pharmaceutical business to     Switzerland     Siegfried Holding drug producer at a cost of € 270 million, including assumed debt.

   21In October 2017, BASF announced it would buy its seed and herbicide business from     Bayer     for € 5.9 billion ($ 7 billion).   22BASF operates in various markets.   Its business is organized in Chemicals, Plastics, Performance Products, Functional Solutions, Agriculture and Oil and Gas Solutions segments.Chemical material      edit   BASF manufactures a wide range of chemicals, such as solvents, amines, resins, adhesives, electronic quality chemicals ,     industrial gas   , basic petrochemicals, and inorganic chemicals.   The most important customers for this segment are the pharmaceutical, construction, textile and automotive industries.Plastic      edit   BASF’s plastic products include high-performance materials at     thermoplastics   , foam, and urethane.

   231. Engineering Plastics  BASF’s Engineering Plastics consists of “4 Ultras” –   Ultramid     polyamide     (PA) nylon-based resin,   Ultradur   ,    polybutylene terephthalate     (PBT),   Ultraform   ,     poliaketal     (POM), and   Ultrason   ,     polysulfone    (PSU) and    polyethersulfone     (PES).2.

   Styrenics  BASF   Styrenics   consisting of Foams and Copolymer.   BASF’s     copolymers   styrene     has applications in the fields of electronics, building and construction, and automotive components.   In 2011 BASF and     INEOS Industries Holdings Limited     integrating their global business activities in the field     styrene     monomer (SM),    polystyrene   (PS),     acrylonitrile butadiene styrene     (ABS), styrene butadiene (SBC) copolymers and other styrene    copolymers     (SAN, AMSAN, ASA, MABS) into a joint venture named     Styrolution   .   243. Polyurethane  BASF’s     Polyurethane     The business consists of various technologies and finished products.   Urethane chemicals are the raw materials used in rigid and flexible foams commonly used for insulation in the construction industry and appliances, furniture, packaging, and transportation.4. Foam  Foam like   Styropor   generally used as an insulating material.

   They are eco-efficient and offer advantages over other materials in terms of cost-effectiveness, resource conservation and   environmental protection.   Investments made for insulating materials usually pay for themselves in a short period of time and contribute to maintaining and even increasing the value of the building.5.

Polyamides and intermediates  BASF is a manufacturer of polyamide precursors and     polyamide   .   BASF offers polyamide 6 and polyamide 6.6 polymers as well as precursors.6.

Biodegradable Plastics  BASF is a pioneer in manufacturing and development     biodegradable plastic   , that is   ecoflex   .   ecovio  consists of   ecoflex   and high content     acid   polylactic   .Product performance      edit   BASF produces a wide range of chemical performance ,     coatings     and     functional polymers   .   These include detergent raw materials, textile and leather chemicals, pigments and adhesive raw materials ,     paper chemicals  .Customers are automotive, oil, paper, packaging, textile, sanitary products, detergents, building materials, coatings, printing and leather industry.Functional SolutionsThe BASF Functional Solution segment consists of the Catalysts, Construction Chemicals and Coatings division.

  This division develops customer-specific product solutions and innovative systems, especially for the automotive and construction industries.Agriculture      edit   Inventory of BASF pesticide division     agriculture     products and chemicals.   The company produces     fungicide  ,     herbicide     and     insecticide     including F500 (   pyraclostrobin   ),   epoxiconazole   ,   pendimethalin   ,  boscalid   ,    fipronil   , seed care products, and     imidazolinones     for use in the Clearfield Production System.   25  26     The company also conducts research     nutrigenomics   .   27     BASF opens a plant-protection technology center in Germany, the new Center will test products sold on a global scale for a variety of plants.

   The center is now a permanent part of the BASF research facility.   To perform the test, BASF utilizes the commercial sprayer provided by John Deere.   The two collaborating companies will use the test results.   28Biotechnology      edit   BASF works with     Monsanto Company     in research, development and marketing of biotechnology.   29That     Plant Science BASF     subsidiary produces     Amflora     and Potato Starch     potato   genetically modified  with   decline     amylose   .   30   31     In 2010 BASF undertook the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to approve genetically modified potatoes in Britain.

   32     Potato Starch was given   authority   for use in the United States   31     in 2014Other GM plants are   varieties of Canola   Phytaseed   with     phytase   ,     sulfonylureas     herbicide     tolerant    soy   33   and drought-tolerant corn (with cold-shock protein B) developed with Monsanto.   34Oil and gas      edit   BASF explores and manufactures oil and gas through its subsidiaries     Wintershall     Holding AG.   In the middleand     Eastern Europe   ,   Wintershall   working with his Russian counterpart     Gazprom   .Investors      edit   75% of BASF shares are held by     institutional investors     (   BlackRock     more than 5%).

   36% of the shares are held in Germany, 11% in the UK and 17% in the USProductionBASF’s recent success is characterized by its focus on creating an efficient product line of resources after completely abandoning consumer products.   This strategy is reflected in production with a focus back to an integrated production site.   The largest integrated production site is located on Jl     Ludwigshafen     employing 33,000 people.The integrated production location is characterized by the co-location of a large number of individual production lines (producing certain chemicals), which have an interconnected flow of material.   Pipes are used everywhere for volume materials.   All production lines use the usual source of raw materials and sources   waste   feedback   , which can be used elsewhere (eg various temperature steam, sulfuric acid, carbon monoxide). The economic incentives for this approach are the high resource and energy efficiency of the whole process, reducing shipping costs and reducing the risk of related accidents.   Due to the high cost of these integrated production sites, it sets a high barrier to entry for competitors who are trying to enter the market for volume chemicals.

BASF is building a new chemical complex in Indonesia     Dahej   ,     Gujarat     at a cost of $ 100 million.   This facility is first in South Asia     methylene diphenyl   diisocyanate   (MDI) to process rough MDI.   BASF has 8 production facilities in Indonesia     India   .   35BASF SE has successfully developed a semi-crystalline polyamide that allows light to pass through largely unhindered.   Vision   Ultramid   combining a very high light transmission with low light scattering.   This makes it the first semi-crystalline polyamide in the world for semi-transparent or transparent components in a chemically challenging environment.   In addition, the unique polyamide is UV and temperature resistant, scratch resistant and also according to the needs of fire retardant.   Vision   Ultramid   can be used in various fields of application: It recommends itself mainly for parts for visual checking, illumination or light design.

   Ultramid   Vision presents a versatile alternative to commonly used materials such as amorphous aliphatic polyhides, polycarbonates or styrene-acrylonitrile copolymers.   36Environmental notesIn 2006 BASF was included in the Climate Leadership Index for their efforts in relation to     climate change     and    greenhouse gases     emission.   37BASF has created a filter for     wastewater treatment plant     which helps reduce emissions.   38      third party sources are required   Company BASF and     Columbia University     forming a partnership for further research ”     sustainable energy    source “.   The company recently reported their emissions in 2006 to “1.

50 million metric tons of waste”, which was a decline from previous years.   The amount of waste generated by BASF continues to fall.   38While BASF publishes environmental information in the US and Europe ,     Greenpeace     has expressed deep concern over BASF’s refusal to release environmental information about its operations in China.

   39In May 2009, the BASF Factory in Indonesia     Hannibal, Missouri   , United States, inadvertently removing chromium inside     Mississippi River   .   The local Department of Natural Resources conducted a test in December 2009 which showed     chromium     the rate does not exceed the safety limit.   40   BASF works with     Missouri Department of Natural Resources     (   MoDNR   ) to solve the question of the rate of improvement     hexavalent chromium     detected on     copy     from the one you are allowed out to     Mississippi River   .   The state health department reviews the test results and determines that the amounts found are well below the recommended public health screening level.   41In 2013, BASF reported a spill of several hundred kilograms     chelating agent     Trilon   -B (   tetrasodium     EDTA  ) to the river     Rhine     from BASF headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany.   42Fifty top manufacturers in 2014 by sales      edit   Rank Company The sale of chemicals in 2014USD millions   A Changes from 2013 Headquarter1 BASF78698 0.

0%    Ludwigshafen   ,Germany2 Dow Chemical58.167 1.9    Midland   , United States3 Sinopec57953 -4.6    Beijing   , China4 SABIC43.341 -0.6    Riyadh   , Saudi Arabia5 ExxonMobil38177 -2.2    Irving   , United States6 Formosa Plastics37.

059   C -2.2    Taipei   , Taiwan7 LyondellBasell34.839 4.3    Houston   , United States8 DuPont29.945   B -3.

5    Wilmington   ,United States9 Ineos29652 10.2    Rolle   , Switzerland10 Bayer28.120 5.4    Leverkusen   ,Germany11 Mitsubishi Chemical26.342 6.9    Tokyo   , Japan12 Royal Dutch Shell24607   B -41.8    Den Haag   ,Netherlands13 LG   Chem21456 -2.

4    Seoul   , South Korea14 Braskem19.578 12.4    São Paulo   ,Brazil15 Air Liquide19210 0.2    Paris   , France16 AkzoNobel19.011 -2.0    Amsterdam   ,Netherlands17 The Linde Group18593 0.

1    Munich   ,Germany18 Sumitomo Chemistry17.833 6.6    Tokyo, Japan19 Mitsui Chemicals17201 -1.5    Tokyo, Japan20 Evonik   Industries17177 0.3    Essen   ,Germany21 Toray Industries17006 10.

6    Tokyo, Japan22 Reliance Industries15,870 -6.9    Mumbai   , India23 Yara   International15141 12.1    Oslo   , Norway24 PPG Industry14.250 8.0    Pittsburgh   ,United States25 Solvay14134 2.5    Brussels   ,Belgium26 Lotte   Chemical14121 -9.6    Seoul   , South Korea27 Chevron Phillips Chemical13.

416 2.0    The Woodlands   ,United States28 DSM12,344 -3.5    Heerlen   ,Netherlands29 Praxair12273 2.

9    Danbury   , USA30 Innovation SK12.011 1.7    Seoul South Korea31 Shin-Etsu Chemistry11.874   B 7.7    Tokyo, Japan32 Hunter11,578 4.5    The Woodlands, United States33 Syngenta11.

286 4.6    Basel   , Switzerland34 Borealis11.076 2.7    Vienna   , Austria35 Lanxess10646 -3.

5    Cologne   ,Germany36 Asahi Kasei10.628 2.8    Tokyo, Japan37 Sasol10,299 20.9    Johannesburg   ,South Africa38 Air Products ; Chemicals9,989 2.

7    Allentown   ,United States39 Eastman Chemical9,527 1.9    Kingsport   ,United States40 PTT Global Chemical9,522 1.1    Bangkok   ,Thailand41 Mosaic9,056 -9.

2    Plymouth   ,United States42 DIC8,218 17.0    Tokyo, Japan43 Arkema7,915 -2.4    Colombes   ,France44 Tosoh7,657   B 4.8    Tokyo, Japan45 Hanwha Chemistry7655 2.4    Seoul   , South Korea46 SCG7,617 18.2    Bangkok, Thailand47 Indorama Ventures7,514 6.

5    Bangkok, Thailand48 BP7,284 -15.6    London   , English49 Ekolab7,215   B 11.4    St. Paul   , United States50 Johnson Matthey7,203   B 11.7    London   , English  


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