Based people, people who can take decisions quickly,

Based on what I understand about Kant’s theory, he would accept basson’s earnings because his act is acceptable as maxim.

He have excellent achievements as business leader and job creator and have continued support of and investment in the development of human potential in the disadvantaged sectors of society. He realised that to achieve his goals, acquisition and turnarounds of struggling companies must be a priority, invested his own time and intelligence into growing an R1million investment into 30 billion business. Sticking with his future for years and working really hard in making his future a reality .He turned the company into one of the most successful ventures of today.

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He deserved every cent he is currently earning because he is smart and socially skilled. His character, intelligence and creativity are unchangeable and avoiding failure it’s a way of proving his abilities. His success is dependent on confidence, it accumulates through hard work and failure.Basson have learned from his criticism and failure and has a reputation as a taskmaster, he is able to run a business of this magnitude. He surrounds himself with good people, people who can take decisions quickly, not slowly.


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