Based Hamlets uncle Claudius. Claudius had taken

Based on the first soliloquy on the play “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman” takes place in act 1 scene 2. The king of Denmark had died. The king’s son Hamlet was the prince. When Hamlet’s dad died his mother decides to re-marry. She re-married with Hamlets uncle Claudius. Claudius had taken over the king. The first part of the soliloquy is filled with sadness and despair.

Hamlet talks about how he wants to disappear from the world by committing suicide. Denmark is a very religious place. It would have been difficult for Hamlet to commit suicide. His faith as a Christian he was aware it was against the law to commit suicide. He felt his life was pointless and compares it to an unattended garden. He felt very sad and lonely.

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In the second part, Hamlet becomes very confused, but he also feels a deep affection towards his father. He begins to remember how his father was. He refers to his father as an upper God comparing him to his uncle who is a half man, half beast. He states how his father was also a good father and a husband to his mother.

As he remembers all of this he begins to feel a deep disgust towards his mother. He remembered how she held on to him so faithfully and within two months she re-marries with his uncle. “Frailty, thy name is woman” referring to his mother as fragile and corrupt.

Hamlet was very upset because she remarried in little time. Her tears have not dried out and here she was remarrying his uncle. He calls this new marriage with his uncle an incestuous marriage because he felt she was marrying her own family. At the end of the scene, Hamlet poured out his heart to the audience. He talked about how angry he is and how he misses his father. Stating how he does not want to live anymore. He refused to talk to anyone about how he felt. He also made a prediction on how nothing good will come to an end.


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